20 Followers Spectacular!!!

August 1, 2012

20 FOLLOWERS SPECTACULAR- A post dedicated to my amazing followers & a big THANK YOU
OH MY GODDY-NESS!!!! This morning I checked my dashboard and saw that I had 20 followers. At 1st I thought it was a malfunction because last time I checked I only had 18. But blogger was right. Thank you so much. You don't know how much I appreciate it. I remember when I first created my blog, getting blogger lessons from my Mom and having my blog switched on private. And now the moment I have been waiting for.......... 20 Followers. I know it's not a big amount and I would like to have hundreds. But for a new blogger who started with 0, it means a lot. So for this post it's not going to be an extravagant celebration or anything. It just my way of saying thank you to all of my wonderful 20 followers and a bit about me and my blog.  PS. This is a bit of a long post but i would really appreciate it if you could read all of it.

A Message to my Followers and Comment Givers-
What can I say you guys are just simply the best. It brings me to joy when I see the addition of a follower or a comment that needs moderating. I appreciate that you take the time to share your thoughts on whatever topic I have been blogging about. It lets me know that even though I, one person is typing my thoughts on a keyboard, you, many are looking at the screen. Does that sound cliche???  Anyway..............THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You guys rock!!!!!!!


A Sunny Spot Blog History
A Sunny Spot Blog was created on the 3rd of January. Initially as a way to share my opinions. To me blogging sounded like a awesome new hobby to take up for the new year and I 'd been wanting to make one for  a while. Growing up it was hard to believe that I would love reading and writing so much, let alone be capable at it. When I was in kindergarten about 10 pages was my limit. But as I got older I became a serious Book Worm and having so many friends that don't read, being able to review to a bunch of people that do like reading..... Well it sounded pretty good. When I first started blogging I was clueless and thank goodness I had a creative and caring mother who could help me as she also had a blog of her own. Please check out her amazing paper craft blog here. After a while I kind of got the flow of things and here I am today. I think i've definitely improved a lot and looking at other bloggers creative blogs really inspired me and taught me a lot. 

Why is this blog called A Sunny Spot?
Some of you may be curious to know why my blog is called A Sunny Spot. Well my real name is Sunny and when the idea of a blog came to my mind, I asked my Mom for some suggestions. She said A Sunny Spot, because A Sunny Spot is warm and welcoming, bright and happy. Also because it had my name in it. A Sunny Spot as a blog title, really appealed to me. Thanks Mom!!!

The Girl behind the Screen 

My name is Sunny, although my blogger name is Pink Lady 631. As you can probably see I like the colour pink, well love. Though I try to make my blog not to Pink for all the Pink Haters. I guess I am just your average girl. A crazy fact about me is that I have a Dolphin Obsession. I have not only adopted a Dolphin but I named one in A Sea World and Today Show Competition. It was a gorgeous baby bottle nose whom I named Melody. Because "A Dolphin's song is a beautiful melody". There is a picture of baby Melody with her Mom Zippa at the end of this post. I also have A Dolphin Club!! My Celebrity Idols would have to be Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. Not only are they so talented but such inspirations. Another fact is that I come from a big family. I absolutely love The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Twilight Saga. I am Team Edward and Peeta.
I can think of a lot of things that I would like to be when I grow up. But my dreams are to be a Singer/Dancer and Author. I hope you like my blog!!!

Question One- What is your favourite thing about A Sunny Spot Blog?
Question Two- How did you come across this blog?
Question Three- What would you like to see more of?
Question Four- Have you enjoyed this post?
Question Five- Will you put my Blog Button on your blog. Click here for details 

Baby Melody with Mum Zippa

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Question One- What is your favourite thing about A Sunny Spot Blog?
    It's about everything! not just book reviews
    Question Two- How did you come across this blog?
    Surfing the net!
    Question Three- What would you like to see more of? A Sunny Spot " We are so totally loving" Feature!
    Question Four- Have you enjoyed this post?
    Yes Absolutely!
    Question Five- Will you put my Blog Button on your blog. I already have!
    By The way can you please but my new blog button on! because the old one links to my old blog's domain!

  2. Dear Sunny This is how you make blog buttons with grab box!

  3. Just change the link and the name and the picture link to your blinky blog button's direct link

  4. Congratulations on 20 followers! I remember how happy I was when I reached that number too :) Your blog is super cute and very summery indeed, it's certainly brightened my morning since it's raining over here!

    Good luck with blogging and hope you reach many more soon <3

  5. Hey there!
    Well I'm one of your latest followers! Congrats on 20!! whoooo
    So i'll give a shot at those questions.
    1. Not sure yet cos haven't been reading it very long. I love the background. It's so girly and cheerful. I also liked the last two posts you did. (haven't read any others...yet)
    2. You commented on sophie's blog and I couldn't help thinking this blog was going to be about apples. but nope no apples as far as i can see.
    3. ammm.... interesting things?
    4. defo!
    5. probably. i'm way behind on that stuff. i have at least 4 other buttons to put up aswell. and yours seems REALLY complicated!!
    Marian :D x
    BTW Team Jacob all the way!!

  6. Thanks guys for all your wonderful comments and for answering my questions!! U guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Dear Sunny,
    I'm not trying to be rude or anything like that but you know how you said you will put my new blog button on,
    I still can't see it.
    Sorry for bothering you and not being patience!
    BTW happy 20 followers

  8. Reply to Nattasha-
    I'm so sorry. Believe me, I have tried 5 times. But it says the link is incorrect. I sent you a message earlier on in the week to let you know I was having troubles. You mustn't have gotten it. My apologies, I will try again though.

  9. Dear Sunny,
    Apology accept !!!
    It's ok Sunny thanks for trying though,
    i have try putting it on my blog and it work, just wondering did you put the whole code in or only the picture link?
    Many Thanks


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