Rating System

If I give a book 5 stars, it's because it's going straight to the favourites shelf and was probably one of the most epic books ever, a must read.

If I give a book 4 stars, it means I really enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to most people.

If I give a book 3 Stars, it probably means I was quite underwhelmed. It was alright but I wouldn't recommend it.

If I give a book 2 Stars, I was probably better off having not read it.

If I give a book 1 star, it usually means I either did not finish it, or only just suffered through it. Not enjoyable at all.

I do give certain books .5 ratings if I'm not sure what number of stars it was best suited to and felt it was somewhere in-between. 


  1. Hey, my name is PurpleAngelx, and I got inspired by your blog to make my own one. I have only started it, and so would appreciate it if you can maybe spread the word? Thank you.

  2. Cool. My rating system is similar:
    5 Amazing
    4 Good
    3 Fair
    2 Egh
    1 Repulsive.


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