Review Policy

Review Policy:
As a blogger spreading the spotlight on good books and sharing my views with fellow readers, is what I do best. However it is time consuming and I am nothing but honest in my reviews, always. There will be times when I accept review requests from authors and publishers but I have a policy on what I do and do not take. For information on that, please read below. 

Also please note that if I receive a message requesting a review when I've clearly stated I'm not currently accepting, it shows me you haven't read my policy or have disregarded it which really narrows your chances. I'm more than happy to consider your book but I need to know my guidelines are being met.

I do attempt all novels but if it's not my thing, I'll probably email you letting you know rather than reviewing it because I don't believe in reviewing books that don't interest me. I'm a school student so school is my priority but I will be in contact if any issues occur. You can contact me with your requests via my contact form on the 'contact me' page. 

To view my rating system for further insight, click here.

Please note: At this time I am not accepting any ebooks or pdf's but it's likely this will change in the future. Also I do participate in blog tours and am happy to feature you in an interview or author spotlight, but please contact me in advance. 
What I don't accept -
Currently I only read young adult fiction, therefor I will not be accepting new adult, adult, erotic, non-fiction or historical fiction. I'm not at this moment reviewing independent/self published novels

What I do accept -

 I accept contemporary, fantasy, dystopian, paranormal and contemporary romance fiction. 

When Contacting -
In your message please include your name, email, author's name and the title of their/your novel, publisher, the release date, genre and what country you'll be sending from. I will get back to you shortly. 


  1. Hi,

    Do you accept review requests? You were recommended to me by Ruby at Feed Me Books. Please send me an email if you do accept them and I will send you more details.


  2. Hello, Sunny!
    Writing to see if you'd be interested in reviewing my novel, SHILOH, for your blog. It's a YA Fantasy...light on romance, heavy on wolves and archery and whatnot. My website is Email is
    Thanks so much!
    Helena Sorensen


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