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Launched in 2011 by a young heart-eyed girl bursting at the seams with no one to have literary discussions with, A Sunny Spot was created as a way to share my book loving ramblings with the world. It seems you found yourself visiting this very corner of the web so welcome and holla! If you love books, manic fangirling and feminism, you’ll feel right at home here.

I’m Sunny, the founder and negligent mother of this blog – sorry I promise I’m working on it! I am a student from Australia, who knows more about pop culture than she does about being a functioning teenage girl and will spend at least an hour trying to decide what my favourite book is if asked. Spoiler: the answer will after much deliberation, likely be a Jennifer Niven novel (You haven’t read one? Go! Run to your nearest bookstore now! Stat!).

Reading is without a doubt my passion. It has been the most exciting and satisfying way to go about quenching my vivid imagination and since picking up my first chapter book, I was bound to spend my time turning pages. So if you too envision at least 5 bookshelves in your dream mansion (filled with a bunch of diverse fiction of course), then I’m sure we’ll get along like two peas in a pod!

While A Sunny Spot is predominately a book blog, here you’ll also find content which reflects some other interests and passions of mine – feminism (if it’s not intersectional it isn’t feminism), body positivity (beauty and badassery is not limited to one size or figure), fictional characters, television series, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and rebelling against the patriarchy being just some of them.

As a 12th grade student always having to choose between studying and rewatching Supernatural, and ALWAYS making the wrong choice, I am working on not only improving my time management for school but also on keeping my baby updated and loved. But I promise I haven’t abandoned ship and can be found and easily contacted on various social media sites, shamelessly shared here: Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram |

But let’s be real here, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles…is that ever the wrong choice?

When I leave school I’d ideally love to work as either a freelance writer, a journalist or a marketer/publicist for Young Adult Fiction. However, I think I’d die a totally fulfilled woman if Tavi Gevinson took me under her wing and allowed me to be a Rookie Gal because in my opinion, that and living in New York, is the total dream! Tavi hit me up!

I have been described as uncool in a cool way (thanks I guess…), and refuse to take that as an insult. Because being unapologetic about one’s extreme fangirling habit as well as their tendency to paint everything pink, is where it’s at. So expect a healthy dose!

Now that you know more about me than you probably wanted to hear, it’s your turn! I am gracefully stepping down and passing you the baton. Thank you for spending your time with my small but love filled blog. I hope you enjoyed your visit! Stay lovely. 

Wait. You had more questions? Oh okay, well maybe this will be of some use.

I’m very confused. What is this blog really about?
A Sunny Spot began as and remains, a book blog. But as I evolve and change, I hope that my blog will too. So it would be very misleading for you to believe that my blog is limited to discussions on books. Truthfully, I essentially post a bunch of goobly-gook on a whole bunch of things and cross my fingers that it’s well received.

Ok so you review books, could you review mine?
Let’s see what we can work out. Please refer to my 'review policy' for further details on this matter.

I’m a blogger, could you put my blog button up?
There are so many wonderful blogs that I love but seeing as I am so spoilt for choice; it’s become difficult to display every lovely bloggers button on my ‘blogs I adore’ page. So please don't be offended if yours isn't among them. It’s probably a result of my bad technological skills and overall laziness when it comes to updating things. But if you'd like to do a button swap, let me know and I'll be more than happy to see what I can do. 

Your blog looks really nice! Which designer's work are you wearing?
Oh why thank you! This bad boy is designed by wearing Kelly over at Diva Booknerd who is all sorts of wonderful.

You've been M.I.A. for ages! Are you like dead or something?
*rises from coffin* Nope, I'm still here and very much alive! Thank you for your concern! I'm just trying to kick school in the butt, but I promise I haven't abandoned you. Just one last year…

This has been useless. I still have something to ask! How do I contact you?
Sorry about that. If you want to contact me, please leave a message in the comment form available on my 'contact me' page and I will get back to you shortly. Otherwise, I can be contacted through various social networking sites more directly. 


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