EJ12 Girl Hero Kimono Code EARLY Review

August 4, 2012

Hey guys,

I have something super cool for all of you EJ12 Fans. As some of you know I was fortunate to win the "Name the Snow Monkey in Kimono Code Competition" and one of the judges prizes for the "EJ12 Girl Hero Book Trailer Competition". I got sent an awesome prize including an early and signed copy of Kimono Code. HOW COOL!!! While the public still has to wait 23 days. Plus printed at the beginning of all the books it says my name along with other competition winners, YAY!!!!!!! I have also messaged Susannah Mcfarlane with some Kimono Code based questions. So stay tuned for another EJ12 Interview. But for now an exclusive and early Kimono Code Review.
What it's about: words from the blurb
Evil agency Shadow is threatening to sabotage the traditional Japanese cherry blossom festival. But why and how? Special agent EJ12 needs to stay calm and keep her mind focused if she is to stop them in time. That's the easy part. As EJ12, Emma Jacks can do anything. So why does she find dealing with mean girl Nema so hard? Perhaps she doesn't after all.............

What I thought:
OMG! I am so glad I got this book early. Because it is so completely awesome. You find out so much and the early sneak peak first chapter on the EJ12 Site really leaves you at a cliffhanger, wanting to know more. It is so good. Once you have read it all you are like "OMG, OMG". Cos there are so many surprises. 

You could almost see the Japanese culture flooding through the pages, which i think is good. Because if your going to write about a different country, you need to know your stuff. I thought the Cherry Blossom idea was so cool, as I know that they are really significant in beauty and the Japanese culture. 

I loved all the cool and quirky disguises and as always the smart Charms/Gadgets used throughout the story. I also loved the moral in the story. About being calm and seeing life for what it is. There was a really peaceful vibe. 

It was so cool reading the parts with Sakura (meaning Cherry Blossom) the Snow Monkey, because that was the name myself and 6 others suggested for it. I was also so surprised to see that Emma's friend, Hannah had a pet budgie called Sunny. Spelled the same way as me. How cool, I am hoping it was named after me, but it's doubtful. 

I really loved the cover, it was so well detailed and colourful, with bits and pieces from the Japanese culture everywhere. As always it was illustrated by artist Dyani Stagg! Well done, I think it is the best cover yet.

I really loved how Kimono Code ended. It was just so good and I really enjoyed it and I thank Susannah and the EJ12 Girl Hero Team for sending me it!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as it comes out buy it, cos it is awesome.  I rate it 10/10!!!!!! Now I have to wait till next year for the next EJ12 in the series, Big Brother to be released. But if you are still anxiously waiting for Kimono Code to come out, why not read the first chapter online here.


  1. Dear Sunny,
    Aw lucky you!
    I been waiting AGES for the kimono code and it's still isn't out yet, can you please tell me a little sneak peek how hannah didn't get in shine Please!!!
    I just cannot wait!!

  2. OMG!!!!
    Thanks ya SO MUCH <3
    For putting my blog button on!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anytime Nattasha! Thanks for putting mine up!!!!

  4. This sounds like such a cute, fun read! You're so lucky to have the chance to read it before everyone else! And I ADORE the Japanese theme <3

    Great review :)

  5. I have just got an early copy of kimono code too!
    today!!! YAY YAPPY!!!!

  6. Hi, here's an award from me.
    It's the Versatile Blog award!
    Happy Blogging
    Marian :D x

  7. Thanks for the review Sunny!
    Susannah was thrilled you liked
    KIMONO CODE so much!


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