Kimono Code Interview with Susannah Mcfarlane

August 9, 2012

Hey hey hey!
With Kimono Code coming out in 17 days and a exclusive early review on my blog. What better way to celebrate than with some Kimono Code based questions answered by the author herself!!!!!!!!!!

My letter to EJ12 Author Susannah Mcfarlane: sent and written last Friday
Dear Susannah,
Thank you, Thank you so much for my early signed copy of Kimono Code. I got it this afternoon when i returned home from school and finished it already. It was so so good. I can’t believe that their is a budgie called Sunny, that’s so cool because that’s my name. So my name was twice at the front of the book (Your Autograph to me) and At the front for naming Sakura and then the pet budgie in the book, so 3. Though I know it was most likely not named after me. I am going to review Kimono Code on my blog, but not a revealing one because their is still 23 days till it is released to the public. Could i Interview you for my blog. Here are my Kimono Code based questions.

Susannah writes:

1. How are you feeling about the release of Kimono Code?
I always get a little nervous and very excited before a new book comes out – I really hope people will like reading it!

2. What can you tell us about Kimono Code?
Not a lot, I don’t want to give too much away! I will say though that there is one particular thing that will surprise readers who have read FASHION FRAUD – I decided to mix things up again to keep people guessing!

3. Earlier this year you went to Japan to research for Kimono Code, how did you find Japan?
I loved it! I can’t wait to go back! It was such a fantastic mixture of very old and ultra modern, of fast pace and slow calm. There were so many beautiful temples and Zen gardens, I could have spent weeks there!

4. Have you seen real Cherry Blossoms, if so, what did you think?
Yes we did, we planned our trip hoping to see the cherry blossom and we did – beautiful! Tree after tree after tree blooming with pink and white blossoms!

5. Was the budgie in Kimono Code, Sunny. Maybe named after me. (TEEHEE)
Sorry, no! It was named after my daughter’s very noisy budgie!

6. What is your favourite charm in Kimono Code?
The chop-stick CHARM but I can’t say why!

7. What is your favourite disguise in Kimono Code?
I loved all the competition winners’ disguises!

8. What can you tell us about the next EJ12, Big Brother?
Irritating brothers, Australia, horses – that’s all for now!

9. Message to Fans
Thanks you! Thank you for loving EJ and thank you for helping me with all your energy and great ideas!


My pleasure SA14! 


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