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August 18, 2012

Hey Guys,
I would like to introduce a new feature here at A Sunny Spot Blog, all about Fashion! It's called Fashion Files. From time to time when I see an outfit or a fashion item that catches my eye, I will share it with you. From Celebrity Outfits to Supre's latest shipment. 

People that know me will tell that I am not a Fashion crazed girl longing to go clothes shopping every day and then go modelling. But I do love having that outfit were you feel pretty or gazing at pretty dresses and shoes that celebs wear. So with that I will give you a look into my fashion world and welcome you to the 1st ever "Fashion Files" Feature.

Katy Perry
OMG I LOVE THIS DRESS! It is so Katy! I love Katy's quirky cool style. I love the colours and carousel idea. What do you think

Taylor Swift
OMG Gorgeous! I love this dress. It's casual but at the same time elegant and sweet. Which is so Taylor's style. She wore this on her live webcast were she talked about her forthcoming album Red and premiered her new single! Check out the video here

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence rocks this dress in my personal opinion. It's very sparkly and shiny. Which I think goes really well with the Katniss Everdeen girl on fire aspect.                                                              
Holy Crap I love these shoes! I have no idea were they come from, I found this image online at an amazing photo tumblr based blog. I know I am to young for heels and I would probably break my leg in them. But there so cute and when I grow up it would be amazing to have a pair. Anyone know where these mystery heels come from?

Not so fabulous
Miley Cyrus is such a talented singer and for years was my favourite. I think all of us went through a Hannah Montana faze. But now she has certainly escaped from that name tag, growing up more than ever. She has now swapped her lovely long brown wavy hair for short blonde hair. In my personal opinion I think she was better off with her old hair and this style just isn't Miley. But if thats the hair she wants, who are we to judge her on it. Though getting engaged and cutting her hair isn't the only things she's doing. Miley is creating bad habits like smoking and revealing photos and going good girl gone bad. It's disappointing because she was an inspiration and role model to me. I looked up to her. Going to her Gypsy Heart Concert in Australia was one of the best nights of my life.  Come on Miley, don't let us down.


  1. I totally agree about what you said about miley. When I saw her picture right now I seriously never knew it was her! I really hate the hair, but your right who are we to judge? Also loving the shoes and this new feature on your blog!!!


  2. Dear Sunny,
    I love this Fashion Feature!!!!
    Katy Perry's dress is so lovely!
    I liked Taylor Swift' dress too, it's so stylish!!!
    Jennifer Lawrence Dress is so cool, I love the shiny and gold!!!
    The shoes I would LOVE to have one!!!! ( I can't am tooooo Young!!)
    Arrrrrrrrrr Ewww That's Miley Cyrus?
    I thought she had long brown hair ( I like the old hair!!)
    Smoking????? I would never smoke !
    Just like you said good girl has gone bad!
    I want the old Miley Cyrus back!!!
    You are right who are we to judge.
    But I Still love your "The Climb song!!!


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