"We're so Totally Loving" August

August 29, 2012

YAY it's time for another "We're so Totally Loving" feature!!!! ENJOY

We're so Totally loving...... BELIEVE
Justin Bieber's new album Believe is amazing! As always JB has done us belieber's proud! The track list is full of catchy songs that will be stuck in your head 4eva. My favourites are "Boyfriend", "As long as you love me", "Love me like you do", "Fall" and "Believe. JB announced that he will be having a Believe Tour making Australia one of his destinations. YAY!!! XXX

We're so Totally loving...... The Hunger Games DVD
OMG, I am a Hunger Games Fanatic! It is so absolutely amazing, both the books and movie. It is on DVD now.

We're so Totally loving...... Taylor's new sweet tune
OMG, have you guys heard the very catchy "We are never ever getting back together" by Taylor Swift! It is the very first single to be released from her forthcoming album RED! Can't wait for the album!!

We're so Totally loving...... EJ12 Kimono Code
The latest in the EJ12 Series by Susannah Mcfarlane, Kimono Code is out now. It was such a great book and I totally recommend it. It's one of my favourite in the series. For my review head here and a Kimono Code Interview here

We're so Totally loving...... Crumpler Bags
Crumpler is a awesome brand which sells awesome bags (as well as other things) with a life-time warranty due to their extra sturdy materials. My Mom has heaps of them and last week I got my first. A cute dark pink shoulder bag. It's so cool. Though due to their sturdy-ness they aren't very cheap.

We're so Totally loving...... Big Brother AUS 2012
I am one of those people that love reality television, and I have been watching Big Brother for a while. So when I saw that channel 9 Australia was bringing it back I was really excited and now on it's 3rd week so far so good. I love the drama. My favourite housemate is Stacey. She is Hilarious.

We're so Totally loving...... Cooking
At my school we are very fortunate to do Food Tech and I find I am really enjoying it. I don't know how good I am but I know that before I started doing FT, Tea and Toast were my limit. But since then I have proudly made Anzac Biscuits, Stuffed Potato, Lemon Myrtle Biscuits, Pizza Scrolls and earlier this week a Fritata. I really liked my Fritata and felt quite proud. Because my very talented cooking partner wasn't there. Meaning I was sadly flying solo and clueless but I actually managed not to give someone food poisoning. Here is a pic of my dish. 

We're so Totally loving...... Volleyball

OMG, Today was my School Gala Day and I chose Volleyball and I was just in the zone. It was so so so so much fun!!!! It's an awesome sport.

We're so Totally loving...... Bring it on
Bring it on is one of my family's classic favourite movies and it's also one that never gets old. It takes cheer leading to a whole other level of coolness. Anyone remember "The Spirit Stick"

We're so Totally loving...... "Skinny Love"by Birdy

I love this song! I use it for Dance Troupe. It's nice. It's called Skinny Love by Birdy, I also like her song "People help the people".



  1. I'm totally loving the things your loving' too! What a great list of things to check out. Always the bright spark aren't you? So proud of you I am. Xx

  2. Dear Sunny,
    I love that song ( We are never ever getting back together) It's just just......... SO CATCHY. ( cant wait for RED album)!
    I also love the EJ12 Kimono code book can't wait till EJ12 big brother comes out!!

  3. Hi sunny! I just gave my blog a makeover. Pls visit and comment on how u like it! Will b adding ur button soon

  4. I and loving all those things too!! especially The Hunger Games! Great Post xxx Love your blog!



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