The Adorable Blog Award

August 12, 2012

YAY! The awesome Marion from @ Inkdropperr has given me the Adorable Blog Award! THANK YOU!

So here are the rules:

1: You must tag 3 other people when you have been nominated.
2: You must let the nominees know that you have nominated them.
3: Post 4 facts about yourself.
4: You can set 5 questions for your nominees if you want to or can be bothered to.
5: You must put up the icon for the award somewhere in your post and thank the person/peoples who nominated you.

4 facts about me:
  1. I love Cotton candy
  2. I am currently listening to "Die in your arms" by Justin Bieber
  3. I love Dolphins, Horses and Turtles
  4. Tomorrow I am getting a Chicken Pox Vaccination and I am so scared
Answers to my taggers questions:
1) Who is the most famous person you've met?
My Dad is an actor, ummm...... a lot of people but probably Jessica Watson
2)Colour eyes?
3) What is the weather like while you type this?
Windy and hectic
4)Favourite subject?
5) Play any instruments?
No but I am currently learning Keyboard and Drums!!! I wanna play Electric Guitar though.

I tag....
  1. Gabriella from Gabriella Umbrella
  2. Nattasha from Pink Sugar Dollings
  3. Ella from Everything Ella
My questions.........
- Nah I don't have any................


Thank for stopping by my small corner of the web, I hope you enjoyed your time here. Feel free to leave a comment, I love reading them. Sending you a thousand lovely days x

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