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July 28, 2012

While I was checking out this awesome blog that I am following called Totally Neevie. I saw this awesome new feature that she created called "Neevie's <3". Where she just talks about what has been taking her interest of late. I thought it was an awesome Idea and got so inspired that I decided to adopt that feature. So I would like to welcome you to the 1st ever "We're so totally loving" monthly feature at A Sunny Spot!!!!!

 We're so Totally loving...... SPORTSGIRL NAIL POLISH
At the moment I just love nail polish but especially nice fluro colours and I am finding that Sports girl supplies nail polish with such nice quality and colour. Recently for my birthday I got a Sportsgirl Nail bag, Nail File and 2x Nail Polishes. An awesome purple very similar to photo (PS. I don't own that photo) and an awesome turquoise/dark aqua one.   
 We're so Totally loving...... MIRANDA KERR
After reading Treasure Yourself by Aussie Model, Miranda Kerr. She has become one of my Role Models. It was an amazing and inspiring book which I would recommend and she seems so bright and positive, not to mention Beautiful. To check out my review on Treasure Yourself head here

 We're so Totally loving...... Sweet Fragrances
For me I absolutely love being surrounded by the smell of a not to strong but gorgeous smelling perfume. I love all of my perfumes, though I must say my personal favourite is Taylor Swift Wonderstruck!! For my review head here. Love ya Taylor <3

 We're so Totally loving...... Katy Perry Part of Me 3D
OMG, who doesn't love Katy Perry. I loved this movie it was fantastical!!! Lol my combination of fantastic and magical! You just have to see it! For my movie review head here. Love Ya Katy

 We're so Totally loving...... JUSTIN BIEBER
I said it. I know a percentage of my friends are gonna hate me. But I can't help it. It just happened, I think it was his new hair cut and super cool songs. You gotta admit he's got Swag. Anyone have a cure for Bieber Fever!

 We're so Totally loving...... PHOTO EDITING
I love Photo Editing and It comes especially handy when blogging. With a Photo Editing website that I always use called Pic Monkey. I created my blog header as well as my blog button, the picture for this feature and more. 

 We're so Totally loving...... ROBERT PATTINSON
Ever since Twilight first aired I have been ROBSESSED!! I love him. Now is my chance to step in since our favourite vamp is now flying solo. Since Kristen Stewart cheated on him. I am sad that he is heartbroken but it just proves he is meant for me.

 We're so Totally loving...... GETTING LOST IN A GOOD BOOK
I am a massive book worm and I love nothing more than to get lost in a good book and then write about it on my blog. Reading is a great hobby of mine and my room literally has 3 giant piles of books stacked on the desk and that doesn't even fit all of them. If you can call it a desk now. I admire many authors and have a whole list of fave books. But my favourite author would have to be Jacqueline Wilson. I am currently reading Withering Tights and Kiss.

 We're so Totally loving...... MONSTER HIGH
Don't call me crazy but I love Monster High. I mainly like the books which are really good and are written for young adults. But the dolls are pretty cool. I have C.A Cupid and Abbey Bominable. I don't play with the dolls, but i do make stop motion videos with my friend.

 We're so Totally loving...... BLOGGING
This is my 1st ever blog and I have been blogging since the very beginning of January this year. I love being able to express my quirky personality and love of reading, writing and anything that comes to mind. I appreciate all of my lovely followers and you guys don't know much it means to me when I see the addition of a new follower or a new comment that needs moderating. And Thank you to any one who is even reading this post or has stopped by from time to time. I also love reading the creative blogs that fellow bloggers have. They just always inspire me. If you don't have a blog, I would suggest getting one. It is truly not as hard as you think and it is such a fun experience.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully at the end of every month i will share the 10 things that "We're so Totally loving". Thank you to the awesome Neevie for inspiring me to do a similar feature.


  1. Everything you love I do too. :))
    OMG I wish I was as beautiful as Miranda Kerr tho..I'm like an ugly duckling in comparison! -_-
    Don't worry I like JB but tbh my celeb crush is Cody Simpson and his sister is AWESOME..she's the same age as me and has already dun a movie and where am I? Still doing LAMDA Drama grades. -.-
    Do u have twitter?
    You should totally make one for ur blog if u don't!
    I'l be ur first follower. :) x

    1. Reply to Ebony Black Lines comment-
      Omg that's so cool that we have those things in common! I'm sure you're not un ugly ducklings, I believe beauty is within. Miranda Kerr is gorgeous. I used to dislike JB but now I can't help but catch Bieber Fever. My heart throb is Rob Pattz and 1D!! Drama grades, I am sure you will ace them. Drama needs creativty and your blog has that so I'm sure you do to.
      I don't have twitter, but it sounds like a cool idea. How did you come up with the name Ebony Black lines.

  2. I actually have no idea! LOL it was just when I was looking at a page in a book and it was literally loads of Ebony Black lines! ;)

  3. Yay! Another monster high fan! I love monster high books, I won all of them :)


    P.S; Great post !

  4. Same!
    I absolutely love Justin and 1 Direction !!!

  5. Plus I love Pic monkey too and getting lost in a good book, basically I just love all the things on your post
    I love ur blog!!!!!

  6. Dear Sunny,
    I have found out how to make blog buttons with a grab box!

    Reply and I will tell you!!!!!!
    P.S Please put my new blog button on!!!!!!!!!!!!
    LOVE UR BLOG!!!!

  7. Dear Sunny,
    I have change my blog's domain to www.pinksugardollings.blogspot.com

    my old one was www.ej12news.blogspot.com
    please check it out!!!


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