My Sister the Vampire Review

July 9, 2012

My Sister the Vampire is an awesome series for all tweens to enjoy. My Sister the Vampire is written by Sienna Mercer and currently has 10 books in the series. I can't express the greatness of all each of the 10 novels especially since I starting reading them way back. But I will do an overall review anyway. Because it's defiantly worth recommending.

Anyhow, the series begins with two girls Olivia Abbott and Ivy Vega. Two very different personalities. Perky and Pink normal girl Olivia moves to Franklin Grove, a town with a grave secret. On Olivia's first day she meets the very Pale and Gothic total opposite Ivy. And their happens to be way to many coincidences. Same birth date, they were both adopted, same pendant, and even look the same! Freaky....huh. Olivia and Ivy soon discover that they must be long lost twin sisters and become best friends. But how can that be..... Olivia couldn't be any more bunny (goths way of calling humans) if she tried but Ivy may not even be human at all.......

Along the way they learn and treasure the importance of sisterhood, try to cope with breaking the most important Vampire law (don't tell any bunny about the existence of VAMPS), They go on a quest to discover who their real parents are, find love life, tackle success, and make life changing decisions.

My Sister the Vampire is an fangtastic series. It will have you laughing, intrigued and at some parts saying "oh that's happened to me before" (maybe not the vampire part). Every 10 novels beholds a hard to put down adventure. It's funny to see the two very different worlds collide and become one.  I rate it 9 stars.

Books currently in the series:

  1. Switched
  2. Fangtastic
  3. Revamped
  4. Vampalicious
  5. Take Two
  6. Love Bites
  7. Lucky Break
  8. Star Style
  9. Twin Spin
  10. Date with Destiny
  11. Flying Solo (Coming Soon)


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  3. I would like to see the sister become a vampire


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