In case you don't know... EJ12 Rocks

July 22, 2012

Any way as many of you know I read and review EJ12 Girl Hero Books non stop. But so many of my friends think it is a little kids book or have never heard of it. But it's not a little kids book and probably best suited from people aged 8-12.  So In case you don't know... Ej12 Rocks.

Emma Jacks....... aka EJ12 

Name: Emma Jacks
Agent Name: EJ12 (Emma Jacks Under 12 Division)
Division: Code-Cracking Under 12
Reports to: A1 Head of Shine
Besties: Hannah, Elle, Isi
Likes: Gymnastics, guitar, maths, chocolate and puppies
Dislikes: Performing in public, and mean girls
Favourite Colour: Aqua and Indigo
Position on Shining Stars Spy of the Year:

Current Missions/Books:
  1. Hot and Cold
  2. Jump Start
  3. In the Dark
  4. Rocky Road
  5. Choc Shock
  6. On the Ball
  7. Making Waves
  8. Drama Queen
  9. Out of this World
  10. Pyramid Puzzle
  11. Christmas Countdown
  12. Secret Safari
  13. Fashion Fraud
  14. Kimono Code (Out later this year)
  15. Big Brother (Out next year)

Here are some quick facts about the EJ12 Girl Hero Author Susannah Mcfarlane (words from EJ12 Newsletter)

  •  Susannah lives in Melbourne Australia
  • She has 2 children a son Edvard and a Daughter. Her daughter is named Emma and is the inspiration for the EJ12 Stories
  • She also co-writes a series called Boy vs Beast for young boys and a picture book for little kids called Little Mates
  • When she was a girl, Susannah wanted to be a cowboy and then a vet but now loves being a publisher and writer (she would also like to be part of shine)
  • Susannah's favourite colours are blue and purple
  • Two of the dogs in On the Ball were named after Susannah's dogs- Bessie and Bella
For more info on Susannah Mcfarlane press this to be directed to her official website.

For more info on EJ12 Girl Hero press this to be directed to the official website.


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