20 Back 2 School Tips

January 26, 2012

School is just around the corner and for some already here. Here are some tips to start the year on a high note. Whether your starting kindergarten and on, finishing Primary School or even a New School or High School, like me. These 20 Tips will help you make the year special. I am no expert but these tips helped me make my last year of Primary School my best one yet.

1. On your first day make sure you know where to wait when the bell rings
2. If your in HS make sure you have your Time Table with you if you haven't already memorized it
3. Think Positive, Be Yourself and Introduce yourself to others
4. Make sure you have all the stationary you need for the year
5. At the beginning of the year set your personal goals even if it's to improve on Maths and see how you went at the end of year ( you might surprise yourself )
6. Make sure you have your Transportation organized
7. Make sure you put your name on all of your belongings
8. If there is a leadership role you want to go for, don't be afraid. Maybe even ask your past leader for advice and tips
9. The Night before it would be a good idea to pack everything you need, so your ready to go after Break feast the next day
10. Don't worry if you're not top of class, just strive for your Personal Best (PB)
11. Don't be afraid to ask your Teacher for Help
12. It would be a good idea to set a Home Work or Study Time Table, organize home work or study sessions and small breaks in between to grab a snack and get some air
13. Joining School Clubs is a great way to get to know people and have fun
14. Take Pictures of special School memories like the your First Day or The School Dance
15. Keep Certificates and Awards that you earn during the year
16. If it's your last year try to achieve and participate in though's things you never got around to, yet always wanted to do.
17. If your moving Schools make sure you swap details and Keep in Contact with Friends
18. If your some one who likes to sleep in, set an alarm, no matter how annoying that sound is it does wake you up doesn't it and get to bed early
19. If your starting a New School or High School it might make you feel better if you do some research on your school such as what they have to offer, so you know what to expect
20. Go to school events like A Day in High School,Orientation, Information Day and Open Day because it really helps.


  1. Those tips are really cool! Although I´m not in HS anymore hehe. Lovely blog, I´m your new follower

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