EJ12 Girl Hero Series Review

January 3, 2012

EJ12 Girl Hero by Susannah Mcfarlane is one of my favourite series. It's perfect for any Girl who enjoys Adventure, Fun, Puzzles and a Girl Hero. 

It stars Emma Jacks your average girl who worries about things like School bullies, Friends, Swimming Carnival and making the Netball Team. But that all changes when she takes part in a Maths Competition and becomes, EJ12 a field agent and an ace code-cracker in the under-twelve division of Shine. A secret agency, that protects the world from evil-doers ( Emma Jack words describing herself in book 1 ). 

It's a series that is always hard to put down. I'd recommend it for ages 8-12 and rate 5/5 stars. There are currently 11 in the series and one soon to be released, Secret Safari. 

You can also purchase EJ12 Mission Files 1 which is a two books in one including the first two. I have enjoyed all of them them but my favourites are Rocky Road, Pyramid Puzzle and Christmas Countdown. 

Susannah has replied to all of my Fan Mails and is a fantastic author and sounds very kind, she is one of my favourites.
Books in the Series Currently-
  1. Hot and Cold
  2. Jump Start
  3. In the Dark
  4. Rocky Road
  5. Choc Shock
  6. On the Ball
  7. Making Waves
  8. Drama Queen
  9. Out of this World
  10. Pyramid Puzzle
  11. Christmas Countdown
    This EJ12 Collage is made by Pink Lady 631
For More Info head to the Official EJ12 Website-   www.ej12girlhero.com/                                          

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