Interview with Susannah Mcfarlane

January 17, 2012

Recently I sent an email to Susannah Mcfarlane ( author of EJ12 ) asking her if I could Interview her and post it on my blog. Just now it made my day to see a reply to my personal email account with all the questions answered and a message. I appreciate it so much that she took the time to reply to me. I think I am stars struck. She is a fantastic author. Here are the questions, with the answers below. Thanks Susannah!
1. Why did you want to be an Author?
2. How long have you been writting?
3. How many EJ12's are you planning on releasing?
4. If you weren't an author, what would you be?
5. Favourite EJ12 Book?
6. Message to fans?


I wanted to be an author because I enjoyed writing and I wanted to write an adventure series for young girls. 

I have been writing for years but only started writing books for kids four years ago.

I am not sure how many EJ12 Girl Hero stories there will be! There will be 3 in 2012 which will be up to be book 14 and 3 more in 2013. I will keep writing them as long as girls want to read the stories and I can think of interesting missions for EJ12!

I also work as a book publisher, but when I was little I wanted to be a vet - I wonder if that's why Emma's mum is a vet (you will read about that in Secret Safari).

My favourite EJ12 book? That's too hard, it's often the one I am writing because I get so caught up in it but I have a soft spot for Choc Shock because I think it's funny, if I can say that about my own book!

Message to fans? Thank you - and don't be too shy to SHINE!

I would love to see your review,. Good luck with it!

Happy reading!


Susannah even checked out my blog and wrote: What quick work and the blog looks great - go you!

For more info head to:
Or the official EJ12 Website:

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