The Longest Whale Song Review

January 16, 2012

Jacqueline Wilson is an English Award-winning Author and my Favourite. For more info on Jacky head to my post about her of the official website. Ella's mum has just fallen into a deep coma after giving birth to Ella's new Half Brother. Now she has to stay with her step-dad Jack who's completely helpless. Ella doesn't like her new Step Dad and it doesn't make it any better that he tries to be nice to her. Things at school aren't great either. Then Ella starts learning about whales and becomes extremely fascinated by them and the fact that one was recorded singing 22 hours. Maybe Jack and her Baby Brother aren't so bad. Maybe if Ella sings her own whale songs, it will  make mum wake up. It's worth a try......

The Longest Whale Song was a great book and a tearjerker. So have the tissue's near by. Once again Jacky has made another great book. I recommend it and rate it 5/5 (i seem to be rating everything that). It was a sad tale about a girl who is yet to find her sense of belonging right when her life starts to crumble. Will she have her happy family once again?

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