Moshi Monsters

January 15, 2012

Moshi Monsters is a website were you can adopt your own virtual pet. You can feed it, dress it, give your pet a pet ( called Moshlings ), decorate it's house and explore Monstro City. There are six monsters to choose from when adopting, Poppet, Katsuma, Luvli, Furi, Diavlo and Zommer.
Being a non-member you can play for free, though Membership can be purchased either online or by a time card. Membership has many advantages and for a month only costs $7. Time cards can be bought in various places such as 7eleven. Some of the advantages of being a member include,access to more shops and islands in Monstro City, You can change your monsters colour, Have as many Moshlings as you please aswell as two extra Moshlings seeds, Become a Super Moshi,Send Gifts an More. Though being a non-member is fun to, you can attract 2 Moshlings, Acess most of MC, Dress up, Interact, Feed, Play Games and More. To go shopping you must earn something called Roxs ( Money ) which can be earned by playing games such as the Daily Challenge. Moshi Monsters has become very successful with players worldwide, Toys, Card Game ( Moshi Mash Up, I am a player and collector ) Book Series, Magazine ( read monthly ), Merchandise, Songs and as of June 2011, 50 Million Users. I reccomend it and I rate it 5/5. I am a long time user and on and of member, my username is sunnylouise1 and I am a Poppet. It's a fun game and in my opinion the best game for adopting a virtual pet. Join Now!

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  1. Sounds so much fun. I love your informative post and cool writing style. So well written and very exciting. I am nearly tempted. ;-).


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