Angel Cake Review

February 4, 2012

Angel Cake is written by Cathy Cassidy and is about a girl named Anya who has just moved to Britain to start a new life. But no one understands her, she feels like she just doesn't belong. Then she meets Dan the Bad Boy of town. Though Anya has a feeling there might be more to him then what meets the eye. He's is the only one who understands her. How can Dan be such bad news when being with him feels like heaven!

I personally felt that i couldn't put the book down. It was the first Cathy Cassidy book i had ever read and i was impressed. I would recommend it for older ages, around 10-14 and rate it 5 of 5! It's about Friendship, Hope, Love, Dreams and Being Yourself. The Cover Illustration is also really pretty, though new editions with a different cover illustration has been printed. I also like the inside illustrations which where done by Cathy Cassidy Herself. In the book ( well my copy at least ) she tells you the inspiration of the story. It was a really good book and it was sad to see it end. I'd also like to say thanks to my Big Brother who bought it for me.

For more info head to the Official Cathy Cassidy Site-

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