REVIEW: The Maze Runner by James Dashner

March 28, 2014

Edition: Chicken House Paperback (Different cover to the image below)
Release Date: January 1st 2009
Pages: 471
Series: The Maze Runner #1
Genre: Young Adult Dystopian
Source: Borrowed
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When the doors of the lift crank open, the only thing Thomas remembers is his first name. But he's not alone. He's surrounded by boys who welcome him to the Glade - a walled encampment at the centre of a bizarre and terrible stone maze. Like Thomas, the Gladers don't know why or how they came to be there - or what's happened to the world outside. All they know is that every morning when the walls slide back, they will risk everything - even the Grievers, half-machine, half-animal horror that patrols its corridors, to find out.

As you might have seen via my twitter account I'm a massive fan of Teen Wolf, it has basically taken over my mind! But I'm particularly obsessed with one of the stars in the show, Dylan O'Brien. Like have you seen him? Anyway, last episode of Teen Wolf the trailer for his new movie The Maze Runner aired and it was awesome! It's a book adaptation that to be honest, whilst I had heard about the book and it's upcoming film, I never paid much attention to the book. The trailer looked so good and it propelled me to bump it up on the TBR list, translation; search for it at my local library like a frantic person the next day. Having been in a horrible reading slump I did not think I'd get much reading done. But here I am writing a 5 star review for a new favourite book of mine, The Maze Runner by James Dashner!
The Maze Runner is a dystopian that tells the story of Thomas, a teenage boy who finds himself in a metal box entering a place called The Glade, with no recollection of of how he got there or where he's come from. The Glade is surrounded by four big walls that open and close every night, which open to a Maze. No one has ever survived a night inside the maze and only the Runners can search for a way out during the day when no grievers (creatures) can be found. But Thomas is different from the rest of his fellow Gladers, something about the place feels familiar and as soon as Thomas arrives, things start to change. I apologize for the suckiness of that brief description, it's really difficult to explain but much easier to understand when you're reading it.
The storyline for The Maze Runner was one of my favourite of things about the book. It's such a interesting and clever storyline. I found myself fully engrossed in the happenings of The Glade and just as curious as Thomas. It was really easy to get into and I could really experience every emotion Tom was going through. Never did I know more or less than Tom and I was always kept wondering, always asking my own questions as well. It is definitely one of the best Dystopia's I have read, it made me question whether this could be our future or not. It was sorta freaky, now whenever I read dystopian's I can't help but draw similarities between the our world and theirs.
Thomas was a really likeable and admirable protagonist. Usually I can't get into male perspectives but surprisingly it didn't bug me in the slightest, it was a fun change. Thomas was brave and smart and I really admire those qualities in a character. He was a real character because he let himself feel emotions and it was easy to relate to his feelings. Probably one of my favourite male protagonists. Not only does Dylan O'Brien fit the description of Thomas but having seen his great acting abilities, I am certain he will perfectly portray Thomas's characteristics. The secondary characters like Newt, Minho and Chuck were likable and having already seen the cast, I constantly pictured them as their assigned actors. But it worked! The un-official relationship between Thomas and the only female character, Teresa, wasn't one I was passionately shipping. I would have loved more development but it was cute!
The whole time I was reading The Maze Runner I was so thoroughly entertained. I haven't invested in a book for ages due to this slump so to do so, was sorta like eating chocolate at the end of a tough day. You feel me? One thing I really loved about The Maze Runner was all of the slang I got from it. I have so many insults to throw at my sisters and they'll never know. I love that I get to talk like the Gladers too.
Everything was so clearly worked out and there were so many awesome plot twists. I was constantly going 'whoa'. The ending paved way for a big change in plot and I didn't see it coming. It was crazy and it was emotional. I was happy with it aside from the slight confusion I experienced. But fortunately I was also able to borrow book two which I'm reading at the moment. I am over the moon excited for the movie and it's become one of my most anticipated movie adaptions, I can see it being really successful. The Maze Runner is one of my new favourite books, I'll be recommending this one for a long time until you all read it.

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  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I CANNOT WAIT! I really want to read the book so badly. Dylan O'Brien is just words can describe his amazingness. But seriously dude your obsession is bordering unhealthy.

  2. Yes I have seen all of your teen wolf fangirl tweets lol! I saw the trailer for this and it does look pretty amazing. I have the book on my shelf but haven't gotten around to it yet. Great review Sunny!

  3. I have this book on my shelf but I haven't picked it up yet because of the hype. Also, I'm a bit iffy since a lot of people have complained about the world's vernacular and how it is hard to understand. But your review and 5-star rating has definitely pushed me to read it NOW!

  4. Yes! Finally, someone who has also read the book! I love this book series; you need to get reading to the rest of the series ASAP!

  5. I'm currently reading this one and really enjoying it! All those people who haven't picked TMR up yet are big klunks! ;) I'm surprisingly really liking Thomas's character - I usually HATE male leads! :3 The plot is definietly one the more likeable aspects for me too! Not quite sure about Teresa yet though!

    Great review - hopefully I'll have finished this book by tonight! :D

  6. Wonderful review, I really enjoyed The Maze Runner too, and found it so extremely original and very freaky indeed! The ending floored me. :(

    Joy @ Thoughts By J

  7. I really need to move this one up my shelf, especially seeing how much you enjoyed it. I really need to check Teen Wolf out too. I've seen it on Fox 8 I think it is, but haven't watched an episode as yet. Might see if I can see episode one on demand. Adriana over at She's Got Books on her Mind is crazy about it too. Awesome review Sunny, I really can't wait to break my copy out now.

  8. yayyyyyyy! The Maze Runner is awesomeness, right?! Great review, Sunny- I'm so glad you loved it :D I haven't commented on your blog in ages... I don't know why.... *hangs head*
    -Gee :)

  9. I've wanted to read this for sooooooooooooooooooooooo long! I heard so many great reviews! And the movie!

    *dies of a fangirl attack*

    Ivana @ BookishTeens


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