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March 23, 2014

Hi Guys!
Thought you'd seen the last of us? 2 Diva's Bookish Discussion is back and we want this to be bigger than ever! We asked you what you want and we are ready to deliver. Like last year, 2DBD will be posted on both A Sunny Spot and My Crazy Bookish World (different content) fortnightly on a Saturday or Sunday. You asked for a vlog, so we sorta did. But it screwed up and we had some technical difficulties but you will get one! Oh and if you haven't participated in our survey, please do!
Today I want to discuss the dangers of taking a book to school and believe me there are more than you think. Sometimes I'll read a book and become so hooked that I'll be reading it under the desk every spare moment. But after my previous experiences of doing so, every time I'm tempted a big yellow warning flashes across my mind. They could get damaged, lost, or stolen and that is not a very happy picture to paint. To give you a clear image let me tell you one of my bookish disasters.

I had just received The Originals by Cat Patrick and I was enjoying it to much to leave it at home. I was rushing to school and grabbed it quickly with a plastic bag without inspecting it. I put it in the bag thinking  it would protect it and then I got it out to read at school and.. then I find my book wet! How? Because of course the one bag I had chosen was wet! Typical. So, devastatingly my book become hideous. I managed to recover it, but the corner of my book was wet and had a big glob sorta thing, it was not pleasant. Believe me, it was all sorts of heartbreaking. It was one of my first review books ever and I was so excited. Like Jesus, why must I go through this pain! But I learnt my lesson, finished the book and loved it. 
Anywho that's just one of my many mishaps, I was discussion with Francoise recently how unlucky I am when it comes to these things but in other aspects of life very lucky. Call me over-dramatic but when my book gets damaged, all hell goes loose. My sister purposely dropped my copy of Dare You To and it was war. 
Sunny's golden solution: Since my various bookish disasters, whenever I risk taking a book to school I bring it in a postage bag. You know the postage bags that review books come in? Yeah, well I carefully put them in there and it safely fits in my bag. I have a whole pile of these bags just for this reason. If you don't have any of these, I suggest using the bags that you get when you purchase the book (i.e. Dymocks bag),that helps as well. Also don't put them near water bottles! Big no! But my number one tip is, don't be stupid like me and don't piss off younger sisters.
Anyway I hope you liked this post, had a few laughs. If you'd like to hear some of my non bookish disasters (believe me I have plenty, seriously who did I piss off in my other life?) then let me know in the comments. Go and check out Francoise's blog to hear some of her bookish disasters! Oh and what are you guys reading at the moment? I'm reading and seriously loving The Maze Runner by James Dashner! Have you had any big bookish disasters?


  1. Lol, I want to hear more about your bookish disasters! I think the biggest bookish disaster that ever happened to me involved Charlotte's Web by E.B. White. I used to shower with books when I was younger and I put this book on the sink since it was dry at that time. I forgot all about it and got dressed after my shower. I then went back to wash my hands and since I was a lazy bum back then, I didn't turn off the lights. After about 10 seconds of leaving the faucet turned on, I began to notice that the water was making a strange sound. I turned on the lights and lo and behold, my copy of Charlotte's Web was completely and utterly soaked.

    It still lives up to this day though it has bloated pages, proof that having your head up in fiction can make you pretty stupid at times.

  2. HAHAHAHA this story makes me laugh everytime. You're just so unlucky at times!!! (Correction: most of the time) I think you shoulda told the one when I was over and your brother decided to use your book piles as a landing pad. Hahahaha aaaaah you crack me up!

  3. Haha oh dear Sunny, bookish disasters would be heart breaking to the soul! Your precious review books! I always carry my books in my hand bag...near my water bottle which leaks half the time (I have NEVER found a water bottle that doesn't leak...) it's kind of hazardous actually, but mostly I catch it before it manages to sink in. Sometimes it does though :( other thing is I like to carry my books in my hand sometimes :P

  4. Aw, poor book! They can be so hard to look after, especially paperbacks! You know what I got from Officeworks? A plastic zip up sleeve! They come in A4 and A5 and it's thick plastic and zips closed :)


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