Merry Christmas ☃ - That Christmas Feeling..!!

December 24, 2012

There is no better way to get into the festive spirit then some traditional Christmas movies, and Christmas carols. I myself all though verging into the teens am quite a supporter of the holiday season. I mean family, presents, carols, yummy food and movies that leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling, can you imagine anything better. Well actually Edward Cullen at my doorstep on Xmas day would be the cherry on top. Anyhow, today being Xmas eve, I am trying get in the holiday spirit I could just about sweat (this Aussie heat is killing me) tinsel. Lol!

Tonight the family and I will watch some annual Carols and one of our favourite Xmas movies, The Polar Express. Talking of The Polar Express, I guess that brings us to Christmas movies and which ones are the best. There are so many. There's the classics and then the ones that not even age can spoil. But the ones that come to my mind when first hearing Holiday movies would have to be.....

  • The Polar Express
  • The Santa Claus Movies
  • The Grinch who stole Christmas
  • Richie Rich Christmas Wish
  • Home alone
  • The Glee Christmas Special (yes, I know it's not a movie but I had to list it anyway.)

I know I will probably hate myself later for missing movies that I couldn't possibly forget, but hey I'm only human. I guess Christmas Movies are nice because when a non-believer becomes a believer or a family is brought together, it's just leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. But I guess for me it's just one of those small things that I will mention in this post that for me make "Christmas", Christmas. What's your favourite?

A big thing for me is going into to David Jones with the family and seeing the wonderful window display before then heading up to "Santa's Magic Cave". When I go there the countdown to Christmas officially starts meaning lots of excitement from the little-lee's and even me. Doing this has been a tradition since I was little and I can assure you it was a highly anticipated event on my most likely, barbie calendar. 
Even being older now and getting annoyed at waking up too early to beat the crowds it's still something I feel Christmas needs. It makes me stop and think how lucky I am compared to most kids who don't even know how to spell Christmas let alone are able to have one. Just having a family to spend it with, (even though it consists of annoying little children who have passed their innocent days but still deep down are fond in my heart).

I can just remember how exciting it was going in and seeing Santa and trying extra hard to be on the nice list. I mean every child hopes that that extra sneaky chocolate taken from Mom's box wouldn't ruin their chances of getting a new doll or bike.

So many teenagers are all like " Christmas, humph.. Just gimme the gifts and then I am going back to the X-Box". But really, should age stop us from enjoying these little things that give us joy? Is is that hard to take away one day and just be with your family and just get in to the Christmas spirit? Ask yourself these questions and then think back to all those child-hood memories and remember that glorious feeling of waking up so early just to see if Santa actually came or just being a little wacky and engaging in some Christmas Carols no matter how woeful you really sound.

Pretty Little Liars very own Ashley Benson (Hanna)  and Lucy Hale (Aria) getting into the Xmas Spirit!

Christmas is a time to be with Family and show them how grateful you really are to have them there, cos think about it, as much as you want to occasionally yell at them, you'd be lost without them. So I'm gonna take this time to sing hard and proud around the tree, arm wrapped around a relative whilst a wonderful turkey or Christmas pudding is digesting in my stomach. I also want to say Merry Christmas to my incredible relatives who can't make it this Christmas, hope you have a Merry Christmas and know that you will be there in my heart.

Thank you followers for reading this post and checking out or following my blog which is one of the things I'll be grateful for this Christmas. So stay safe, stay wacky, stay incredible bloggers or loyal followers and have your self A Merry Little Christmas.

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  1. Hi sunny! Sorry I haven't been blogging in a while. But I will be starting again soon! I just hope you'll read the important announcement on my blog and comment "read" if you have read it. Thanks! :)


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