December 9, 2012

A bit of an all over the place post here for you today. I've been having a lot of those lately haven't I. Yesterday and today I must confess I have been part couch potato. But who doesn't want to spend the weekend on the couch watching The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Breaking Dawn Part 1, and A Cinderella Story- Once Upon a Song starring Pretty Little Liars very own Lucy Hale. Playing The Sims Free play app for iPhone, as well as learning The Cup song from Pitch Perfect. Here's a cover video and a tutorial that I found on YouTube.

At my school we have a sort of roll call lesson for 3 days a week for all students for 15 minutes called Moomba. Anyway I am part of The Gifted Writers Moomba and we publish our very own magazine called Roar and also publish our works on our own blog. So I am so excited to tell you about an excursion which only my Moomba is taking part in. On Monday (Tomorrow) we are going to a private talk at Sheares Bookshop, then over to Berkelouw Books and then to the cinema next to Sheares to see........... THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER. YAY! I've been really wanting to see this as I have seen rave reviews, so I am looking forward to seeing it and then reading it. Have u seen or read it, if so what did you think.? After the movie we are having lunch at Bar Italia and GELATO!!!!!!!!! HOW COOL!!. Can't wait.

Anyhow I have found this awesome Photo Sharing website called We Heart It. Plz follow me, I would be really grateful. Thanks :)

Anyone seen Breaking Dawn Part 2 yet, I need to. I am a Twilight Fanatic and apparently there's a different end than the one in the book. I just need to see it, I am waiting to hopefully see it with my older sister who is on holidays. Team Edward all the way, Twilight is the best.

Having only started blogging this year and for a large part of it having my blog on private, I feel so happy to be so close to my personal goal of 50 followers before the end of 2012. Currently on 41 having lost one recently, i know right annoying (happens to the best of us). So I would be so appreciative for any new followers and If you guys could spread the word so my goal could be achieved. It would mean so much to me and If you'd like me to follow your blog in return I'd be more then happy. Thank you <3

That's all for today, enjoy :) PS. Have you guys noticed my favicon (the small image replacing the blogger logo on the search bar next to the web url). It's an XO. U Likey?

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  1. Hello!
    Perks of being a Wallflower was a film I really wanted to see, and one of my friends said it was good but the book I had to put down half-way through because honestly, it's unsuitable(overall rude). The film though, has non of them parts in, according to people who have already seen it.

    Breaking Dawn Part 2-From someone who really wanted to see it but has never been a huge Twilight fan-was amazing! The shock twist, left the whole cinema, well, in shock. I think we all gasped and I turned to my friend sitting next to me. We were both gawping. I loved it! I won't ruin the ending because it made the film for me! And, to add, Renesmee is so sweet!

    Great post!!


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