OMG OMG It's RED....

October 22, 2012

After a long day of School Spectacular Rehearsing, there's only one thing that can make this day truly spectacular. Do you know what that this............
 Taylor Swift's New album RED

The wait is over, RED is finally in stores and on sale on iTunes. (Meanwhile jumping up and down in happiness). If your someone like me, which is a massive Taylor Swift fan, then i think you will be joining me in my squealing when you hear the songs. Stay tuned for a album review.


  1. I'm getting Red in the post today!
    It's going to be such a great album :D

  2. SO EXCITED! Going to go and literally beg for it! I love all the songs that I've heard so far, RED(the song) is amazing and I haven't stopped singing 'We are Never Getting Back Together'


    P.S Love your new paragraph in the top corner(LOVE The Hunger Games too!!)


  3. Hi, I was wondering-due to copyright on your blog-if I would be able to use the picture all the way at the bottom for the Hunger Games that says may the odds be ever in your favour. If not how do you make them? And how do you make the headers too?


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