Fashion Files and A Bundle of Exciting News

October 5, 2012

Hey guys,
Got a super edition of "Fashion Files" for you today.  And even better scroll down for some awesome news at the end of this post. Sorry this is such a mega post, I just had so much news to share with you all. Enjoy :)

Vanessa Hudgens
I really love this outfit and new hair-do. I think it is very sweet,  sophisticated and appropriate and very. I think her new hair style suits her very well and I can't fault the outfit.

Diana Agron

Diana Agron spreads a warm glow with this new outfit. I think her makeup was done really well with the rest of her outfit. It all matches and looks very elegant. I love the floral patterns going on to.

Nicki Minaj
 On a note so high note
Sorry Nicki but I am not digging this outfit. Nicki and Gaga are usually the only celebrities that can pull off crazy outfits. But this time, I don't even know what it is. It looks like she just found random items and glued them on herself.  I am all for fun, colourful and wacky outfits but this outfits is just not my cup of tea.

My Rating- 

Diana Agron
Once again Diana has pulled a sophisticated look. Very Glam

Katy Perry

I am really liking this strapless metallic purple min Versace dress.  It's modern, cool and very glamourous.


Yesterday I almost had a heart-attack because I was told that as part of a promo tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2 on October 22nd Robert Pattinson will be doing a Sydney fan event. YAYYYY! I  love Twilight and I am a huge Fan. I love Robert Pattinson and missed out on his last Sydney fan event for the "Water for Elephants" premiere. Which meant days of sobbing. Not many details have been revealed yet. But you can count on me as your R-Pattz source.

Since I was young I have been a loyal P!NK (singer) fan, I even used to sleep with her CD under my pillow. So as you can imagine I was filled with joy when I saw a add advertising her "The Truth about Love World Tour". Which was also coming down-under. Yay....... (meanwhile jumping up and down and screaming in excitement). Will you be buying a ticket..................?

The wait for Emerald Star of The Hetty Feather Trilogy is over!! In good bookstores now.

Taylor has a new single, RED. The title track from her upcoming album Red coming out October 22.

To Goddess Test Fans the wait for #3 Goddess Inheritance has just been made a little bit easier. Author Aimee Carter has revealed the back cover of the book. Yay, the blurb sounds so interesting. Can't wait for February 2013 release.


  1. Diana Agron allways looks amazing! I love her style :D Great post btw!


  2. Oh my gosh! What an action packed post! I couldn't stop reading. Thanks for all this cool information. Fingers crossed some Pink tickets come your way. I can totally see you in a dress like Diana's partying at her concert. Woohoo!


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