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June 15, 2013

So I haven't done a STS post in just a little over a month and I have received quite a haul. Especially this week where not only did I receive two packages but 15 books from a relative (Thank you so much!). So bear with me as this is a quite a long post. It was also fun to photograph my books again, which is something I love to do but didn't get the chance to in my most recent haul.
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    Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield - Thank you Text Publishing for my Review Copy
    ACID by Emma Pass - Thank you Random House for my Review Copy (So far I'm loving it!)

    My photo of ACID is blurry because the effect looked cool, so you might not be able to see that the cover is actually really awesome.
    Thanks Hardie Grant Egmont:

    The Diviners by Libba Bray *signed* (Bought at The Sydney Writers Festival, where I might Libba)                                                                Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (can't wait to read this after hearing Francoise speak so highly of it. Check out her review here.)

    Borrowed from Friend-
    The Vampire Academy (thanks Luna)
    So many awesome books! Thank you Lindy, Sheena and Georgia. I won't label them because there are 15 and I have a killer headache.

    Again, I can't be bothered to label them. Headache's sucks :(

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    1. Awesome book haul Sunny!! You got so many books! I barely got any this week but hopefully I can go to the book store tomorrow :3 I've been wanting to read Julie Kagawa books -- looking forward to your reviews of them :) The girl on Acid cover looks kick-ass!

    2. So many awesome books! I don't know where to start :) I love Julie Kagawa and Light, Of Poseidon, and Shatter Me was awesome. Great haul!

      My Haul!

    3. What a fab haul! Friday Brown is just amazing, as is Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea, and The Diviners is a really fun and creepy read. I keep hearing amazing things about Eleanor and Park but still haven't got myself a copy yet, so I really ought to do that! I hope you enjoy and I'm looking forward to your reviews :)

    4. Aaaaw Sunny, you're too cute! I LOVE that sign you made to thank the publishers. :') So many books, GAAAH I don't even know where to begin. Of Poseidon! Let's start there. ;) I haven't read it, and I feel soooo behind, what with everyone raving about it. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. ;) Shatter Me is amazing, I'm actually starting the sequel tomorrow. :D Lock and Key is my favourite Sarah Dessen book, so I can't wait to see what you make of it! s,nfdlkNSLAKFNKS,M LIGHT IS SO HEARTBREAKING AND BEAUTIFUL AND I just can't even control my raging emotions. You WON'T be disappointed. :') Enjoy your fabulous haul, Sunny! Looking forward to some reviews. :) <3 x

    5. Woah, SO many awesome books you've got! I'm working on getting Eleanor and Park... I really am! :D I think I'm just gonna settle for the ebook copy hehe. :) All the classics you've got are amazing, and I'm dying to read Shatter Me and The Originals! I too got sent Friday Brown, so I can't wait to compare our thoughts! :)

      My STS:

    6. You have so many books, I haven't done any haul posts in such a long time *sighs* and I have received a lot of books, I'm getting Acid as well and I cant wait to read it... How's it going for you!?

      You got Vampire Academy, yay, that's like my favourite series of all time when it comes to that! Its just brilliant. I have to read now is Bloodlines. Oh and Shadows, I'm reading Ink now and its going quite well for me. Enjoy all your books Sunny! :D

    7. *fangirls* So many beautiful, amazing books! All of these books I have either read and loved or am dying to read. I love Cat Patrick so I must get my hands on The Originals. Shatter Me and Eleanor and Park have been on my wishlist for ages - I must buy them both soon! I am a huge fan of the Georgia Nicolson series so I hope you LOL and enjoy reading them. Lock and Key and Alone on a Wide Wide Sea are brilliant too.

      Happy reading, Sunny! I'm back from my blogging break now, by the way *happy dance* :)

    8. I really need to buy The Diviners because I've been wanting to read it since it was released.
      Eleanor and Park and Shatter Me are AMAZING. Two of my favourite books. Happy reading, Sunny!

    9. Great haul! I, too, have a review copy of Acid to read - and I can't wait to crack it open when I get the chance! Oooooh, Vampire Academy! I've always wanted to read that!

      Hope you enjoy all! :D

    10. Loved Vampire Academy and hope you do too.

    11. EEEP! I LOVED Shatter Me! The writing style and romance are both beautiful. Hope you enjoy. ^^

    12. Hey Sunny,
      You mentioned doing me a blog button perhaps? I'd absolutely love that, please!! I don't mind when, take as long as it takes :)

      Thanks so much!
      Charli x


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