2 Diva's Bookish Discussions: PTA Live

June 25, 2013

Introduction -
Hi, we're Francoise and Sunny and we have known each other since our nappy days. We're constantly having rants and raves about the latest books and bookish news. This is a fortnightly discussion that you can find on both of our blogs, so please make sure to stop by both blogs as our written content is different, although on the same topic. Our posts are not intended to offend anyone or anything but this is just our opinions and we would love it if you would share your thoughts in the comments. Enjoy!

Hi Guys, as the introduction says, this is a new fortnightly feature over @ My Crazy Bookish World and A Sunny Spot. Where discussions will be posted based on the topics talked about during our regular fangirl sessions. This feature came around when a post based on one of our (Francoise and I's) bookish conversations, "How Blogging Changes The Way We Read" was turned into a post and received great feedback. Us bloggers love feedback so it was great to hear that you loved our discussion, so now we're planning on making this a regular collaboration. Today is our first official "2 Diva's Bookish Discussions" post, (Check out Francoise's post) and make sure to tell us what you would like us to share our thoughts on in upcoming discussions.Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending "Penguin Teen Live Australia" at Books Kinokuniya with Francoise, as well as my sister and dad. It was a busy city night as it was rainy, cold and Henry Cavil was right down the road but that didn't stop us from having a good old fangirl. This event was run by Penguin Teen, co-hosted by Books Kinokuniya and compèred by the awesome Felicity from PTA. 

The night kick started once we had written a random number down on a piece of paper, later revealed as the page number (once chosen from a lovely Penguin bag) which Felicity would read to us from the highly anticipated, Fiery Heart by Rachel Mead. Although I have not yet attempted a VA or Bloodlines novel, the reaction from the crowd was utter excitement and once the sneak peak had ended they pleaded for more (These excerpts were read through out the night and my number was the first to be called). A wonderful powerpoint presentation was put together with slides such as "Penguin Bestsellers", "Upcoming and Anticipated Penguin Novels", "Penguin Novels released this year", "Vampire Academy and TFIOS Casting", "Underrated books" and more.  During this event we met 24 year old Australian Author Will Kostakis, whose latest novel is The First Third (which we got a signed copy of on the night). He seemed like a nice guy and I wish him all the best in his career. Will read us a bit from "The First Third" and it seems really funny, so it's definitely something I'm interested in trying out once my pile dies down.

We discussed how when blogging there are good days and bad days and in the end us bloggers should stick together. During our blogging talk a slide was shown that included the blog headers of all the bloggers present. Francoise and I were so shocked and pleased to see our headers on display among others, it was very cool. We snacked on M&M's and sipped on fizzy drinks whilst socialising with other bloggers and readers. And it's amazing how many conversations you can have with a total stranger if you've read the same book. Blog links, names, stories and favourite novels were swapped and it was great to meet other bookworms. We also talked about "The Lizzie Bennett Diaries" and I was so happy that I could raise my hand when Felicity asked if anyone watched their channel, as Ruby has just recently introduced me to the modernised re-tellings of "Pride and Prejudice".

Books Kinokuniya has now become my favourite place on earth! Move over Dymocks because this shop has every YA novel i'd ever dreamed about, at least 8 bookshelves devoted to YA. And it was surprisingly cheaper, it has new releases and all and I need to go there again. I had a really lovely time, the vibe was very relaxed and fun and not only I got to hang with other fangirls but my bestie Francoise. Events like these hardly happen in Australia and are pretty much non-existent, so thank you Penguin Teen. I also added some more books to my To Read List such as Legend by Marie Lu, geez that list of wants never decreases does it........

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  1. Brilliant post! I'm excited to do our next discussion

  2. This sounds like a brilliant event! I'm so jealous! :P It must have been an amazing feeling when your header was up there with everyone else's. I love how strangers can bond over books :) I'm so glad you had a great time! I really want to go to Books Kinokuniya now too - 8 bookshelves of YA? Yes please! :D Thanks for sharing, Sunny <3

  3. Oh this sounds fun! I'm happy that you a great time and enjoyed. Also it's great that your blog made it to the display! :)

  4. Great recap of the Penguin Teen Live yesterday night. It was lovely to meet you :)
    I LOVE Kinokunyia's YA section, they have such great variety and the atmosphere is awesome especially with the tall bookshelves all next to each other if you get what I mean. I can easily spend WEEKS there, so I definitely won't be complaining if I'm locked in by security haha.

    OMG I mentally squealed inside when I saw my banner up there even though I've only been blogging for like a month. I'm definitely extra motivated to review more of Penguin's books for sure!

  5. I was there last night, too! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  6. Wow! Looks like you had a great time :D Lizzie Bennett Diaries? *falls over dead* Loved watching it on YouTube! Have you been watching Sanditon?

  7. Brilliant post & I love this feature so so much! Glad you enjoyed The Lizzie Bennet Diaries by the way haha. :)) The night must have been so fun and I bet it was fab to see your headers on display! =)

  8. You always seem to have such fun at events like these - I really need to go to one! I also watched The Lizzie Bennett Diaries! It's such a smart idea putting it on Youtube! :D

  9. jdnfmcbgvk,djxfvnmc i'm so jealous! great posts. woot i've just started watching the lizzie bennet diaries! p.s i have recently posted a note on my blog which us very important. check it out? thanks!!

  10. This seems like a fantastic event! I wish I could get to meet more bloggers and discuss books with them! It must have been amazing to see your blog name up there!
    -Sophie! x
    P.S. I emailed you

  11. You are so so so so so lucky! This looks like an AMAZING event, and I'm really glad that you had a wonderful time. There are hardly any bookish events near where I live, and I really wish I could chat to lots of other book lovers and make a bunch of new friends through events :)

    And wow, it must have felt so phenomenal to see your blog name up there on that slide.

    Thanks so much for sharing this lovely post with us, Sunny! :D

  12. OMGGGG I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS!!!! Urghhh it was pouring that day and I had an exam the next day (on I hadn't finished revising) so I couldn't make it :( *sigh* I'm sooo glad you had fun though<3

  13. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!

    And I love discussion posts so yay =D


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