DISCUSSION: "Reading like a Writer" How blogging has changed the way I Read?

Yesterday I was having a bookish rant over skype with my awesome friend and fellow blogger, Francoise (who will also be posting on this topic, check it out). During our fangirling session a lot of topics came up like how terrible (in our opinion) the divergent casting is, but we also talked about how much blogging has changed the way we read. Last month I was fortunate enough to meet Libba Bray among other's at the Sydney Writers Festival and her advice for me, was to "Read like a Writer" and I think that's something us bloggers learn to do. Before blogging I found it difficult to answer "Why I enjoyed a book" because I would think "I don't really know I just liked it, I guess it was just really good book". But now there is a lot more depth in my answer and a lot of things to consider. Because we learn to 'Critize, Analyze and Compare" books because us bloggers are in a situation where our thoughts are going to have some small sort of impact on other people and is in someways bias. When I first started blogging my reviews would mostly consist of the same things "It was great, Loved it, AMAZING, Author did a great job, Read it" and really that was all I could say. But now I can take into consideration everything the writer has achieved and I gain a better appreciation and understanding for the book. It also really helps to write better reviews when I'm giving my readers the pro's and con's. Because of this I've also grown picky and sometimes my TBR pile is so massive I don't have time to read a book that hasn't managed to capture my attention. I have higher standards now and a wider preference and some people may think that's too critical but as Frank Zappa once said, "So many books, so little time".

I couldn't write this post without mentioning how many new books and genres I've discovered and loved since blogging. To think that books i've raved about probably wouldn't have received a second glance for me before blogging, is disgraceful. Just remembering how hesitant I was to read The Hunger Games because I labelled Dystopians "a boy genre" when really I hadn't read any, still gives me shivers. Not only is The Hunger Games one of my favorite books but Dystopian is probably my favorite genre. Especially since before blogging I was mostly still stuck in the Tween ille with the exception of some YA loans at the library. And it still amazes me to this day that publishers would send me review books, I didn't know that was possible. So many books I've loved we're ones raved about on other blogs that I wouldn't have heard about otherwise. Discovering these books have changed the way I read because I now know what I like in a book and what to look for. What works and what irks. Being a reader and a aspiring author I think this knowledge will be a asset in the future. Blogging has certainly changed way I read and I think all bloggers can agree on this. I think Libba's advice was great and something I will always try to remember. Has Blogging changed the way you read?

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  1. Great job, that's exactly what we spoke about. It was such a good rant and it was definitely worth it to write a discussion.

  2. After I started blogging, I try to analyze the books I'm reading. I want to write detailed reviews and my reviews definitely are improving but I still think that they're not good enough sometimes...

    Yeah and since blogging I found so many books I wanna read and I get to know the latest trends/hyped books (like Splintered, The 5th Wave, etc). I'm starting to like contemporary too. Btw, if you guys hadn't encouraged me to read TID, I wouldn't have read Clockwork Angel, let alone try to find it in my town haha xD

  3. I cannot believe how accurate this post is. Now that you mention it, blogging did change the way I look at books tremendously. As book reviewres, we gradually learn how to express ourselves better through words, and analyze all the components of a book. Terrific post, Sunny!

  4. I really know what you mean about reviews changing the longer I've been a blogger. It used to take me an hour to write a review because I'd never know what to say! Great post ;)

  5. Now that you mention it, blogging has changed the way I read and regard books. Before, I would just read and read, enjoying each book, but now I usually reflect on the awaesomeness of the writing, plot, skill etc.
    Blogging has also introduced me to whole new genres that I would never have read without bloggers discussing them.
    Marian ^_^ x

  6. I think blogging has made me more critical about the books I read and what I want to read next. Before, I'd just read whatever looked good in the library and then buy that author's books if I enjoyed it. Now, I plan out my reading and look for certain authors I know are big at the moment or well-reviewed. I guess it's made me not allow myself to look back on the books I've read, like I rarely re-read which is why it's nice to take a step out of the blogging world and re-read your favourites and realise why you enjoy reading.

  7. Blogging has definitely changed the way I read and also the way I write. I have a much more critical brain now!

  8. I used to just tear through the books I read but after blogging for a couple of months, I began to really analyze the books I was reading. I would focus on the characters, the plot, the things I liked and didn't like and while it may seem overly critical and textbook-y, it definitely made my reading experience much more enjoyable. I've also been introduced to a lot of amazing authors and underrated books since blogging. I think blogging has also changed my reading choice. Before, I would only choose bestsellers, YA and generally genres I was already familiar with. Blogging opened me up to a whole other side of the literature world, filled with amazing indie books not getting the recognition they deserve. Thank God for blogging!

    Awesome discussion! This is one of my favorite posts so far! :)

  9. Blogging changed the way I read completely. First of all, my TBR pile has never been so tall. I keep discovering new books. I started reading and appreciating indie books and I'm so happy about that!! I didn't even know self-published books existed before I started blogging!!
    Secondly, when I read books now I pay attention to many more aspects - the characters, the setting, the dialogues, stereotypes, cliches... Just like you, now I understand WHY I enjoy a certain book, not only because it was "good".

    Great discussion!! You had some really interesting points (:

  10. Absolutely! I never used to read YA because I didn't exactly know about it. Now I read more Science Fiction and exciting contemporaries and it's rare that I go back to adult books but when I do, I appreciate them even more because of the way blogging makes me analyse books
    Awesome post, Sunny :)

  11. I think my blog has given me the opportunity to explore new genres especially dystopias. I never really understood them let alone enjoy them before My blog. Also POVs was a major problem for me, again, I just didn't get them! But I love seeing two side of a puzzle or perspective now, I can't enough of it. Wonderful post, Sunny!

  12. i definitely agree with this post, sunny! when my blog was first created way back in 2010, i was 12 and ridiculously unaware of the different aspects of novels. because of this, my reviews were basically, "i didn't like this book. the characters were annoying," or, "great book! loved it!" over the years, i've definitely become pickier when it comes to books, and i now know how to explain why i felt a certain way toward a book (at least, i hope so!). i think reading more critically as well as more analytically comes with the territory of being a book blogger! :) lovely post, sunny! <3

  13. This is so true! I was basically like you too when I first started reading. Like "This book is awesome. I enjoyed reading it, don't know why, but it's just great.", but now, my view had completely changed.
    Amazing post, Sunny!

    Neysa Kristanti @ [B.O.O.K.L.I.F.E]


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