Tomorrow When The War Began

April 12, 2012

" Where were YOU when the War Started"

Tomorrow When The War Began by Australian Author John Marsden is 1 of 7 in the Tomorrow Series. There is also a movie of the same name based on the best-selling book. Tomorrow When the War Began is about Ellie and her 6 Friends from Wirrawee who decide to go camping in a small hidden-off place they like to call Hell. Ellie, Homer, Corrie, Kevin, Lee, Robyn and Fi think there just on an ordinary holiday, but a lot happens at home that they don't know about. They come home to find their Family, Friends, and Innocent People of Wirrawee held captive at the local Showground were the Annual Show Day was going to happen. Ellie and her friends are the only ones that can save them now. Who would have thought Hell would be the safest place on earth. Along the way they discover a lot of things, how serious this is, what's at risk, how strong they are, and most importantly, they're not teenagers anymore their Solder's of their own Army.

Tomorrow When The War Began is a great Novel and one of my Favourites. It was written quite a bit before i was born but is still very capturing. It has that old Australian Vibe mixed with a bit of a 21st Century Modern Aspect. It lets you travel in their shoes but still have the comfort and safety of your own room. It has a good mixture of Characters who's different personality's liven it up. I guess you could say it's an action book that is good for boys and girls. There's an element of everything for everyone to enjoy in the book.  I totally recommend it along with the movie. The Movie is really good, and has a great cast! It lives up to the books expectations and is great to watch. The cast are currently working on the 2nd Movie. I can't choose whether the book or movie is better though, I'll let you make up your own mind.

The books in the series are:

  1. Tomorrow, When the War Began (1993)
  2. The Dead of the Night (1994)
  3. Third Day, The Frost (1995) (published in America as "A Killing Frost")
  4. Darkness, be my Friend (1996)
  5. Burning for Revenge (1997)
  6. The Night is for Hunting (1998)
  7. The Other Side of Dawn (1999)
The Tomorrow Series is followed by the Ellie Chronicles which is about the events in Ellie's life after the War

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