Secret Safari

April 6, 2012

Secret Safari by Susannah Mcfarlane is the latest installment in the Ej12 Girl Hero Series. It is the 12th book and has been given the “Book You Can’t Put Down” silver sticker of approval. Yesterday i got it from book club and finished it on the same day. Emma and her family have been called to Africa on holiday, but this is not your ordinary holiday, it's a mission. This time EJ is partly joined with SJ45 on the mission who is also her mother. Poor Animals are being killed for money whether it be for skin or tusks it is plain wrong. EJ has a feeling she knows who's behind this and she will do everything in her power to stop this.

As EJ12, Emma Jacks can do anything. So why does she find dealing with the new girl at school and making the Netball team so hard? Perhaps she doesn’t after all …

I really enjoyed Secret Safari and it's now one of my favourite in the series. EJ has such great bravery and strength and that's defiantly proven in this mission. It also gives a good message just like the others. It was very interesting and i loved it. Just like the others it was hard to put down. So if you are thinking of reading it. Don't think twice!
Here is a picture of the book and a free wallpaper from the Official EJ12 Site
As you may have seen on one of my previous posts it was revealed that the 13th book in the series, Fashion Fraud would be released in June and EJ's friend Ellie would be joining her. Here is a picture of Elle and Emma together. Plus the Fashion Fraud Sneak Peak Read is now up on the EJ12 Site.

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