EJ12 Girl Hero Top Secret Journal

April 28, 2012

Ssshhhh....................... The EJ12 Girl Hero Top Secret Journal is in Stores Now.  Today I bought the EJ12 Girl Hero Top Secret Journal for a great Price of $10. It is truly Awesome! The Cover is cool and well the whole things is aswell. It's the Ultimate thing for all those EJ12 Girl Hero Fans Out There. Inside there are three parts. Notes, Diary and Address Book, Plus a Pen. In the Diary part it also comes with a sheet of EJ12 Stickers!

I Totally recommend it! It's sold in all good Bookstores and Target! Plus check out this EJ12 Girl Hero Collage I made using a free app called Pic Collage! Susannah even posted it on one of her recent posts on the EJ12 Girl Hero Message board!

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