Sunny Spot Best Celebrity............... Awards

March 18, 2012

I have decided to do a Sunny Spot Best Celebrity Awards. I will choose 6 celebrities for each catergories and you have until the 25th of March to Vote. To Vote you must comment on the post with the category and celebrity you want to win the category. You can only vote once for each category.
And the Nominees are..........

Best Celebrity Role Model/Group-
1. Taylor Swift
2. Beyonce
3. Selena Gomez
4. Katy Perry
5. Lady Gaga
6. One Direction

Prettiest Female Celebrity/Group-
1. Katy Perry
2. Taylor Swift
3. Naya Rivera
4. Dianna Agron
5. Beyonce
6. Miley Cyrus

Cutest Male Celebrity/Group-
1. One Direction
2. Robert Pattinson
3. Josh Hutcherson
4. Taylor Lautner
5. Chord Overstreet
6. Big Time Rush

Best Female Singer/Group-
1. Beyonce
2. Taylor Swift
3. Katy Perry
4. Adele
5. Rhianna
6. Lady Gaga

Best Male Singer/Group-
1. One Direction
2. Big Time Rush
3. Justin Bieber
4. Eminem
5. Bruno Mars
6. Chris Brown


  1. 1) Lady Gaga (not for her outfits) but for her anti-homophobia campaigning.
    2) Beyonce, I don't know a few of the others.
    3) no comment
    4) Beyonce
    6) Don't know

  2. 1) Taylor Swift
    2) Taylor Swift
    3) Robert Pattinson
    4) I love Taylor but I am going to have to go with Beyonce
    5) BTR

  3. 1. Taylor
    2. TAYLOR
    3. ONE DIRECTION (I'm a proud directioner :D)
    4. Adele
    5. Bruno Mars


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