I Love Taylor Swift

March 18, 2012

Hi Guys,
This is just a random post from me expressing my love for Taylor Swift!

7 Reason's I Love Taylor Swift-
1. She is an amazing Singer
2. She is Beautiful
3. She is Kind
4. She is a Great Role Model
5. She is Creative
6. She appreciates her life and loves her fans
7. She helps others in need

7 Favourite Taylor Swift Songs-
1. Safe and Sound
2. Enchanted
3. You Belong With Me
4. Speak Now
5. Love Story
6. Spark's Fly
7. Mine

13. Facts on Taylor Swift-
1. Her full name is Taylor Alison Swift
2. She was born on the December 13, 1989 (age 22)
3. She has 3 Albums to date
4. She Considers 13 her lucky number
5. She expresses her feelings in song
6. She kissed a Boy when she was 15 years old
7. She admits she had really bad eyesight
8. She also likes to Paint
9. Her fave shows are “Law and Order: SVU” and “CSI.”
10. Taylor is more comfortable in dresses than blue jeans and t-shirts.
11. Her favorite foods are Brownies, cucumbers, and pumpkin bread... yum!
12. Her Fave Colour is White
13. Taylor has a tabby cat called Indy who doesn't like anyone else in her family apart from Taylor. She also has two dobermans called Bug and Baby and a kitten named Meredith.

For more info head to- http://taylorswift.com/

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