Bookish Spinsters: What is Feminism?

October 30, 2015

Hiya guys! Long time no speak. I realise I've been MIA lately but I'm super pumped to be back with the first Bookish Spinsters post all about Feminism. Jo from Once Upon a Bookcase contacted me and asked me if I'd like to be a part of a bookish and feminist feature which I of course said yes to. Thank you Jo for creating this and letting me take part!

My name is Sunny and I am a Feminist.
Why? Because I believe Feminism is a movement that benefits people of all genders, ethnicities, sexualities and religions and allows us to be equal.

Firstly, let me clarify that this post isn’t intended to be some form of propaganda, I’m not looking to recruit. I’m merely sharing my personal views on Feminism and why its important to me. I’m not saying these beliefs are universal or should be believed by everyone. Also shocker: I do not hate men. Nor do most Feminists. Because in my belief those are extremists and extremists are a minority who are representing something different all together. 

As an individual, I believe Feminism is about gender equality and although we’ve made a great advancement in society and I acknowledge my privilege as a white female in Australia, we live in a society where males and females aren’t equal. I mean when we live in a world where a female earns less than her male co-worker for the same job, how can we be? That’s just never made sense to me. Why should I be paid less for putting in the same hard work because I was born a female? Why should the biology of a person define the way they are treated or the opportunities they have in life? Every woman is just as capable as a male and should be treated with that same respect. I was raised to believe that every human is capable of greatness, so why should I be underestimated and disadvantaged because of my down under?

A awesome illustration by one of my favourite artists ‘Ambivalently Yours’ that I feel sums up everything.

 Feminism is such an important movement because it allows us to feel empowered and beautiful in our own bodies. It gives us the chance to express our differences and many uniqueness’ when society tells us we shouldn’t. Every day the media is telling us we have to be this big, this small, this tan, this whatever but there is more than one way to be beautiful. Everyone looks different and that’s awesome! Beauty doesn’t have a size requirement.

One of my wonderful friends Louis, decided to share why he labels himself a proud Feminist; “I’m a Feminist because I believe that woman should be paid and treated the same as men. Woman are independent and are no way inferior to men. I’m a feminist because I believe in equality no matter your age, sex, race, and sexual orientation. We are all equal”.

Feminism means there’s more than one choice and that we get to make that choice ourselves. It means recognising that not everyone will make the same choices as us and respecting that. Some of the choices will be about our bodies and Feminism allows us to have control over our own body and the choices we make. E.g. the choice to shave or not.

As a female I’m more than a sexual object, and I shouldn’t have to accept objectification (nor should dudes). I mean lets be real, in what world is catcalling flattering? Thanks creepy guy, I totally wanted to hear what you thought of my ass. Real talk though; You don’t owe your body to anyone, its entirely your own.

I believe in Feminism because it gives me the chance to be whatever I want to be. It means at the end of the day I’m the one calling the shots. I can be a CEO if I want to or I can be a stay at home mother instead.

I’m a feminist because as a pdhpe student I’m tired of not being passed the ball. I’m tired of living in a society where a girls value is often tied down to her cup size. Because we are all so much more than that!

Feminism also allows us to defy our gender stereotypes. Who made up that stupid rule that banned guys from crying? We’re only human and having a penis (excuse my French) doesn’t suddenly mean life isn’t gonna suck from time to time!

When boys and girls are little, they’re divided by the girls and boys toy section. Pinks vs the Blues. But why can’t girls build things and drive cool trucks too? When a girl plays with a so called “boys toy”, she’s being unlady like and when a boy plays with a “girls toy”, he’s seen as weak. But I say that's plenty normal. Instead of labelling others, we all need to learn a bit about acceptance.

Also just think, its fantastic that there are boys and girls sport teams, but do you ever see the girls teams air on TV? No. That’s because they don’t get the same funding or attention. Girls can play sports just as well, Viola Hastings in She’s the Man proved this. So why are our wide variety of skills underestimated?

But girls aren’t always taught to kick the ball around in the yard, instead we are taught to bake and play dress up (there’s nothing wrong with wanting to do those things or wanting to do both). Basically they’re saying we all have to be Cinderella.

My lovely friend Avalon on why she's a Feminist; "I am a feminist because I believe in the equal rights for women. My mother has raised me to believe not only am I an equal to any man, but I can be better and that my sex has no persuasion on how I should be treated or how I live my life. All the sacrifices men and women have made towards the near equality we have today should not be for naught, and I should not only be grateful for my privileges as a woman in the 21st century but also continue on the work until we live in a world were being female is only affiliated with power and equality."

On a more serious note, I believe in Feminism because a girls choice in clothing does not give you permission violate her. But hey you know, don’t go out by yourself after dark, it’s not safe for a young lady. *Eye roll. Woman are often held responsible for rape and sexual harassment but there is never an excuse, and a victim is never to blame. Her consent matters! Feminism is a movement that spreads awareness of this. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have the potential to be a wrestler who could kick some serious butt, so don’t come at me. That’s right, fighting like a girl is a good thing!

To end this post I wanted to say that you are awesome. Yes you!! The one reading this. No matter what gender, age, sexuality, religion or race you are awesome, I believe it and so does Feminism. Hopefully I haven’t left you feeling like you’ve just been lectured by your mother. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear your opinion on what I’ve had to say.

Sidenote: I’m totally not going to be offended if you open the door for me or pay for my meal (not that you should feel entitled to) but I actually think its really lovely when someone lets me go first and I’ll also show that same respect to others.

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  1. Oh my god, Sunny! I love this post! You are so intelligent and articulate, it's wonderful. I love how you've covered many different aspects of feminism in your post, and you've given me ome great ideas for future topics. Really interested in the whole gender roles idea when it comes to children, that would make a great topic. Love it! And your friends' thoughts - amazing! Thanks for taking part, Sunny!

  2. Good to see you back, Sunny! And I love this post, it basically covers everything that I believe, but it's good to see it put coherently into words :)

  3. Sunny you continue to inspire me every day, Thankyou for bringing that wonderful article into existence! I'm so proud to say my friend is such an amazing accomplished woman who also stands up for her rights! Well done

  4. Wow Sunny, this was a pretty moving post! Now to share with all my misogynistic "friends" lol. I agree with pretty much every point you brought up. Okay now, and why is it so difficult to get in people's heads that feminism = EQUALITY? :P


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