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November 29, 2014

Hi everyone!
I hope you’re well. A few weeks ago I posted about my recent struggle to read and blog. Sadly, I’m not writing to tell you of a great transformation in which i’ve gone through that has suddenly made me a book reviewing wonder woman. No, that is not the case. But I am writing to tell you, I’m getting there.

Today I was having a discussion with my mother about how it’s daunting to love doing things such as reading and blogging so much and then suddenly, not be able to do it. My mom who also blogs is experiencing the same lack of mojo and it’s great to talk to someone who knows exactly what you mean.

That is why it was also awesome that when I posted about my reading slump, you guys were so supportive and lovely. Really making an effort to let me know it’s ok and that you’d be there when my mojo arrived. Basically my point is, you guys rock.

One of the great suggestions for lessening my reading anxiety was to change my goodreads challenge to a more reasonable number to accommodate my non existent reading pattern. My original goal (and I feel quite disappointed to not have been close to reaching it) was 100 books read in 2014. I managed to do this in 2013 and I felt as though it was a great achievement. Having only read 33 books so far, goodreads told me I was 53 books behind. EEK! But once I changed my target to 50 books, 53 suddenly went to 12. You can imagine my relief as I saw the numbers change!

At this stage I don’t even know if I’ll read two more books this year let alone 12, but I think we can all agree that is a much more reasonable amount than 53. Especially as I know that if I got back into the swing of things and read the right books, I could have 12 books ticked down in no time.

Til then, slowly i’ve been editing my blog and thinking of ways to get excited about blogging. I edited my ‘about me’ page, deleted a tab and have been seeking any needed blog customizations. All small and possibly irrelevant steps that I’m hoping will add up to the return of my blogging mojo.

Even as I write this, I’m feeling better. I tried the whole ‘take a break’ approach and that just made me lazy and even more stressed. So.. i’m going to give this whole ‘just do something no matter how big or small’ thing a go instead.

I’ve been also eyeing down my large stack of books and thinking of upcoming reads to get excited about. Here is a look at my tbr and hopefully what i’ll be reading (if things go accordingly).

I’m trying to stay positive so that I can find my flow again and not feel guilty when people ask me what I've been reading. Ooh how sweet it would be to not list a book I read months ago!

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  1. I'm glad that you're feeling less stressed! We all go through slumps with reading and blogging and we completely understand what you're going through! :) Last year I was also extremely stressed about how many books I had and my reading goal and I think it's wise that you changed it to a more manageable amount. Remember, we read and blog FOR FUN and if you're not enjoying it that much (which is fine, as it's a slump) it's okay, as you will eventually! :) x

  2. I really hope you feel better soon!! It sucks to be in a blogging slump, but I have faith that you'll be awesome soon- just take all the time you need! :D xx

  3. Good on you for making small changes that have a bigger effect & make you feel calmer and happier! I went through a few months where the idea of reading and blogging really did not appeal to me, and I think taking time off and getting rid of the pressure did me good, so I'm sure it'll work for you too, hun!

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist


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