What's Up Buttercup (4)

June 23, 2014

A fun feature where I talk about what's going on in my life; an update of sorts.

Hi Guys,
So firstly I'd like to apologize for the lack of fresh content on the blog as of late. I'm on my last week of what has been a very busy semester of school. Thank god the Winter holidays are only a week away!! Other than that I guess you could say I've been staring at a blank wall. I have no motivation to read, nor time. No fresh posts or time to go to the library to write them. But I'm not letting this stop me because blogging is something I really enjoy which is why the upcoming holidays are looking quite exciting, because I'm hoping to read and write a bunch. Which hopefully means some new content up on the blog.

Aside from essays and assessments (geez high school can suck a bit) I've been stalking One Direction update accounts on twitter going to events like PTA Live and in May, the National Book Bloggers Forum (an awesome day, seriously cool). But of course, I've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Teen Wolf, season four! If you don't know about my unhealthy obsession with this show then that's probably to your benefit. But none the less, where have you been? I can't wait for season four, i've gone too long without Teen Wolf and the new season looks SO GOOD!

As I mentioned above, I went to PTA Live Sydney (PTA: Penguin Teen Australia). An event run by the Penguin crew hosted by the epically awesome Felicity, all about YA books. It's a time for readers and fellow bloggers to hear about upcoming titles and squeal over some favourites. I had an awesome time seeing so many bloggers and just socializing and fangirling with those who could appreciate my love of books.
The blogger shoutout slide - I'm there among awesome company
Lately my life as been pretty non exciting as I've been basically trying to wiggle my way out of any form of productivity. I've been so unproductive to the point that it irritates me greatly. Which is why I'm writing this post in PD (don't worry I've finished my work). I just want to blog and read but my head says, 'don't you think you wanna look at Harry Styles or Dylan O'Brien a little more?'. Obviously, that side is the one that wins, always.

Also I do realize that I promised to not ditch 2DBD again and it's been over a month since the last post. But Francoise and I don't want to publish half-hearted posts without substance. We wanna publish discussions everyone can get involved in and have fun with. Sadly all of the unused ideas we have produced so far haven't done that. So yes if your wondering, every second Sunday I am wracked with guilt but Francoise and I haven't given up. You'll get one soon.

I guess that's all really. I have a awesome giveaway up for Australian readers which you can enter here. Also my birthday is next Sunday! Woohoo. Till next time (hopefully the next post won't be filled with promises of better behaviour), Sunny x


  1. Yeeaahh! PTA LIVE AND NBBF14! They were both definitely awesome. Yay for school holidays soon right?! I'm so over assessments and assignments. And happy early birthday!

  2. So much fun seeing you at PTA Live :) Looking forward to the next TDBD, and yay for your birthday! x

  3. Yay, it sounds like you guys had some amazing bookish events lately! One day we will meet at one of them. Take all the time you need to take a break from writing Sunny!


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