3 Day Round Up

November 25, 2012

Hey Blogosphere,
I have returned, no need to fear. Teehee. Anyhow after 3 long days have passed by, I reckon it's time for a roundup of the crazy, fun, hectic and time consuming activities that have taken place. Where to start, hmmm....

For the past 3 days I have taken part in Schools Spectacular 2012: Our Time. This year being on it's 29th, School Spec has given an opportunity for Australian public school students to be part of something truly spectacular. 

"Featuring over 3000 of the state's most talented singers, dancers and musicians, the Schools Spectacular is a brilliantly choreographed and costumed production on an epic scale.  

A 1200 voice choir, an 80 piece orchestra, over 2000 dancers, rock, jazz and brass bands and talented soloists from ages 5 to 18 are all woven into a seamless production. 

Students from more than 250 public schools from around NSW rehearse for months in preparation for four shows over two days and nights.  Audiences witness the wealth of talent in our public schools, and the dedication, commitment and creativity of the teachers who nurture that talent.

Since it began in 1984, this annual entertainment showcase has launched the careers of a host of Australia's most popular performers and has introduced tens of thousands of students from New South Wales government schools to the thrill of performing to capacity houses.

The Schools Spectacular is produced by the Arts Unit, NSW Department of Education and Training.  Since 2009, the Schools Spectacular has been directed by Peter Cook."
- The Arts Unit Website

I was part of the School Spectacular Secondary Choir and this was my 3rd year, having done it in 2009, 2010 and 2012. It was so much fun and is a highly anticipated Australian event. Being held at the Sydney Entertainment Centre it gives us performers a packed crowd. Performances range from beat-boxing, urban and ballet dance, singing, opera, drama, drums and more. There is something to look at everywhere and it is absolutely amazing to be part of. Thursday we had a rehearsal, Friday a dress rehearsal and a matinee and Sunday another matinee. Busy, busy, busy. 

One of School Spectacular's most known success story is 2011 "Australia's got talent" winner, singer Jack Vidgen. Having been part of Spec prior to his win, he performed on the stage once again. Singing a single from his new album Inspire, then signing copies of his album at interval. Although I didn't buy his album I jumped at the chance of meeting a celeb who's autograph I could add to my collection. Not only did I manage to get a signed arm and program but a photo. He even agreed to a hug when I asked him and happily signed my endless supply of things. I wasn't really a fan before, but he performed well and seemed really nice, so I must say I have respect for him as he is very talented for 15. Check it out....

Jack Vidgen and I @ School Spec 2012

As well as a School Spec rehearsal Thursday was Thanksgiving and coming from a big American family we like to have a special family Dinner to give thanks and get together. Being so occupied with School Spectacular I didn't have time to do a Thanksgiving post. So I just wanted to share with you what I am grateful for.

  • I am grateful to have an amazingly loyal, crazy, kind and funny family whom which without I would not be sane. Love you X
  • I am grateful for the Good Health of me and my family
  • I am grateful to come home to a happy home, with food, clothes, water and a bed
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to go to school and get good education in which will prepare me for great things to come in the future
  • I am grateful for those wonderful things that will become my future, whatever they are
  • I am grateful for my friends who I know I can count on to make school that little bit more entertaining and the ones who I may not see but know are there
  • I am grateful for all the experiences I will get and have had, good and bad that have made me stronger
  • I am grateful for the country I live in
  • I am grateful for the whirlwind, roller coaster that is life, I LOVE MY LIFE AND THE PEOPLE IN IT

Being in the city near Paddy's Market, Market City, and China Town for 3 days, I decided to take advantage of the cheap stuff, food and popular stores. I bought a awesome light pink phone cover for my IPhone 3 for only $5 & some hot pink sunnies for $10 @ Paddy's. Then at a book stall in Market City I was bought Ruby Redfort: Look into my eyes by Lauren Child for $8 and Justin Bieber- 1st step 2 forever for $10. 

You may have heard of Typo which is every girl's stationary dream. Knocking out it's competition "Smiggle" from the top rank. Luckily enough they were having a sale and I got the most amazing pencil case ever for only $3, it was reduced from $10 and said $5 but I got it for 3. How cute is it?

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