POEM by Me: It's Funny

September 10, 2012

It’s Funny- A Poem by Sunny A © 
It’s funny how you don’t even notice what’s wrong when your doing it. 
It’s funny how you think it’s ok and act like I'm the stupid one. 
It’s funny how you don’t even realise what your doing. 
It’s funny that you never apologise. 
It’s funny how you make a big deal and act like I’m the bad guy. 
It’s funny how big a small thing can be.
It’s funny how you beg me to tell you but then you don't understand. 
It’s funny how one can feel so lonely and sad.
It’s funny that someone who’s known you so long can know so little about you.
It’s funny how fast things can fall apart and never seem to tumble back.
It’s funny how no one seems to notice your drowning.
It’s funny how someone can be so unaware.
It’s funny how much it sucks to wait for people to grow up when you already have.
It’s funny how someone can take you for granted.
It’s funny how you think everything’s a joke.
It’s funny how easily someone can put you down.
It’s funny how you never turn up.
It’s funny how you take my time when you always have yours. 
It’s funny how it’s really not funny at all.”
By Sunny A


  1. Dear Sunny,
    What a great poem, Loved it!!

  2. Were the opposite of sentance 9!!! ahaahh "Its funny that someone you've known for so little time can know so much about you <3


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