EJ12 Girl Hero Fashion Fraud Review

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Hello :P
Yesterday I was so happy when my Nan bought me the latest released EJ12 Girl Hero Book, Fashion Fraud. On following posts you can see an interview with the author herself about Fashion Fraud.

What's it about? Susannah Mcfarlane's words describing Fashion Fraud....

Fashion Fraud takes place in Paris, capital of fashion and art but someone is stealing the art. Does it have something to do with the fashion shows? EJ12 will have to be a model spy to find out ...

What I thought........

I really enjoyed Fashion Fraud. I loved everything about it, from the theme and plot, to the mission location and gadgets! The cover is also in my favourite colour Pink. It was also fun that once again EJ was joined by one of her BFFL's on mission. On a previous mission she was joined by her friend Isi, and on this mission she was with Elle, (Spoiler Alert) that only leaves Hannah who mysteriously won a competition at the light shop at the end of the book! Hmmmmm.......................

Fashion Fraud is especially about people being True to themselves which is something Emma struggles with in this story, but perhaps with a little help from EJ12 and her friends she can find a way to Shine. Despite what mean girls Nema and Laila have to say. I rate it 10/10, it is now one of my favourite in the series! In stores now.


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