Reflecting on 5 years of blogging!

January 10, 2017

On January 3rd 2011, a geeky little kid named Sunny who wanted nothing more than to spend all day reading Jacqueline Wilson novels, created a blog. 5 years later she is still geeky and this blog is still somewhat around.

When deciding what to write for my blogoversary post (which should have been published a week ago), I had zero idea. Because truthfully, 2016 wasn't a spectacular year on the blog and in realising that I felt shameful and untruthful. In fact, over here at A Sunny Spot it was a bit of a ghost town as school continued to be demanding and time consuming.

With the occasional post here and there in 2016, I think it's safe to say that 2017 holds bigger and better things in store. So whilst I don't have a long list of achievements to share, I finally snapped out of my glitch and realised that 5 years is a really cool milestone which deserves to be addressed, even if a week late.  

5 years! Wow! I'm quite amazed that what began as a way to pass time in the Summer holidays of 2011, has evolved into one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. Thank you to those who have continued to visit, comment and support my blog. To all of the publishers who continue to send me beautiful ARCS and all of the authors and bloggers whom I so fondly engage with on twitter. Thank you to friends and family who continue to ask about this blog's existence and always encourage me to continue expressing my views online.

I want to take this opportunity to say that if you want to create a blog, or have been pondering it for a while, (I pestered my mother for 2 years before she finally caved and helped me set one up) then just go for it! Don't be scared! Don't feel inexperienced and clueless! Because experience comes with time and the more you put yourself out there and experiment, the more you learn and the more you will be welcomed with open arms. I'm still learning!

I was very lucky in the sense that as an 11 year old girl with little knowledge of blogging and horrible grammar skills, I soon found a community of people who were just like me. Although I often feel fraudulent in calling myself a blogger, being a blogger has been the coolest and most rewarding choice I could have made as a kid. So take the time to research different platforms and to plan content because it's definitely worthwhile. If you are needing help with this, then hopefully my post of blogging tips can be of some use. 

Here's to 5 more years and another 5 on top of that! Thanks for sticking with me.

New photo's taken on my blogoversary in celebration of 5 years.
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