January Round Up

February 4, 2015

Hello February!
Can't believe that the first month of 2015 has well and truly passed us. For me, it was a pretty good month. Aside from having to return to school after spending the vast majority of the month lounging around being lazy and loving every moment. Gee, holidays were good!

I did get a good start on my reading challenge and celebrated my third blogoversary! I would have loved to say I read more and posted more, but at least all 4 of the books I read were really epic reads. A great way to start the year!
This month I read the Mara Dyer series by Michelle Hodkin and I wasn't disappointed. As promised to me, I devoured every bit of the series and loved pretty much everything about it - solid recommendation there Indigo! It's definitely one for the favourites/must recommend at any chance shelf. You can catch my review of the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, here.

I also read To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han, a cute young adult contemporary (my review here). I admittedly had a few problems with it but enjoyed it a hell of a lot. It's a book begging to be re-read, it was just that good! I took it on holiday with me which was a great decision. I'm literally dying for book two which speaking of, finally has a cover! It's gorgeous and will match the first book perfectly.
During the last week of holidays I took a trip to the coast for a week and had the best time. My family and I visit every year and it's always so relaxing. It's located extremely close to a number of lovely beaches which I most definitely took advantage of.

My week vacay consisted of: Diving/bellyflopping off rocks into a shallow rock pool only to regret it later on, collecting jelly blobber, climbing on weird rock formations and grazing myself multiple times, visiting cousins whom I discovered wrote fanfic (we had heaps to talk about once I discovered this) and marathoning season one of Heroes because you know... save the cheerleader, save the world.

Earlier on in the month before my coastal getaway (say getaway and it sounds ten times fancier) I worked, got a new iPhone 5, spent way to much money on Boost smoothies and reduced christmas candy stockings, caught up with some friends including the fabulous Francoise, and also watched and throughly enjoyed Into the Woods. But of course, a school holiday is not a school holiday without visiting Ikea. You wouldn't believe the mischief and weird adventuring that goes down when my family (more like tribe) visits Ikea.

This month I'm focusing on getting my blog into shape and also getting settled into Year 10. But mostly I'll be counting down the days until February 7th (2 DAYS EXCLUDING TODAY). Which by the way is not just any normal day. It's the day I'll finally get to see One Direction live after four years of being way too obsessed with them. Gosh I'm not looking forward to dealing with that bout of post concert depression! Twitter followers, I apologise in advance.

I'm hoping to read these lovely titles and more this month. SUPER THRILLED TO OWN THEM ALL!
How was your January? Any exciting things popping up this month?
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  1. I still need to try the Mara Dyer series. I've heard so many good things about it! I'm also really excited about A Court of Thorns and Roses and Red Queen, both sound brilliant.

  2. January sounds like it was a lot of fun for you. I really want to read To All The Boys I've Loved Before - I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I also really want to read Red Queen and the new Ally Carter book so tell me if you enjoyed them or not.

    Have a fab February! ;D

  3. I really enjoyed reading To All The Boys I've Loved Before and I'm pleased that you did too. I think we both rated it 4 stars? Super excited about the sequel too! This might sound stupid but what the heck is a jelly blobber? :p


    Have a great February!

  4. I so badly want to read To All the Boys I've Loved Before as I LOVED Jenny Han's summer trilogy! I hope you enjoy the concert! :) x

  5. OMG I have seen your excitement about One Direction Sunny, I hope you really enjoy them! Glad to hear the Mara Dyer series was a good one, I've been meaning to try it and I'm glad even after the series ended it was still good. I love the cover of PS I Love You, it looks so adorable! Have a lovely month ahead.

  6. Oh wow, how was the concert? I've seen a bit of the buzz on Twitter in the past day that one of them now has a regular girlfriend? Teen girls don't seem to be taking the news so well. I loved Mara as well, one of the best and most underrated series isn't it. I wish more readers would take a chance on that one. Those are some awesome books you've got for the next month, Red Queen and All The Bright Places will completely blow you away, can't WAIT to see what you think of them.

    Happy reading poppet <3


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