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August 26, 2014

Hi Guys,
Today I'm writing with some good news! I know it feels like it's taken five years (maybe that's just me) but my computer which broke at the start of this year, is now fixed. I'm so glad that I can finally post without taking a trip to the library, where my time was split between blogging and actual school work. So i'll be posting much more frequently (I promise) and I apologise for my absence.

Today I also got some new glasses so not only can I use a computer to post stuff but I also have glasses to see with. It's a win win situation. Anyway I just wanted to say I'm still here and will be for the long run, hopefully with a post before the week ends. See you then :)

Wait that's not it.. it's DYLAN O'BRIEN'S BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *throws celebratory confetti*

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  1. Welcome back Sunny, I am so glad to see you back here, I missed you :) So glad you have a new computer and gasses, you are all set now!

    1. Hi Jeann!
      Thank you. I've missed being here and chatting with you lovely people.

  2. Welcome back! :D OMFGMKMKF YES HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN O'BRIEN!! Gosh,I love him so darn much ♥

  3. Sunny! Welcome back! I've really missed you, your blog and our chats!

    I can't wait to start commenting and reading posts from you again!

    -Sophie :) xx

    1. Thank you Sophie, that's really lovely to hear! I most definitely missed our chats too :)


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