REVIEW: The Elites by Natasha Ngan

‘There is a rumour that the Elites don’t bleed.’ 

Hundreds of years into the future, wars, riots, resource crises and rising sea-levels have destroyed the old civilisations. Only one city has survived: Neo-Babel, a city full of cultures – and racial tension. 

Fifteen-year-old Silver is an Elite, a citizen of Neo-Babel chosen to guard the city due to her superior DNA. She’d never dream of leaving – but then she fails to prevent the assassination of Neo Babel’s president, setting off a chain of events more shocking and devastating than she could ever have imagined. Forced to flee the city with her best friend Butterfly (a boy with genetically-enhanced wings), Silver will have to fight to find her family, uncover the truth about Neo-Babel and come to terms with her complicated feelings for Butterfly.

The Elites by Natasha Ngan was a brilliant debut and an engaging well written dystopian, that I loved. The Elites is set in the cultural and futuristic town Neo-Babel. The only town that survived that Great Fall, a war that destroyed the city. A new government has risen where DNA determines your role in life. Because of Silver’s superior DNA, she is a Elite. A Elite is a guard to both the government and Neo-Babel and it has been said that the Elite’s do not bleed. This idea was fascinating and from the first page I was intrigued with its calm and sturdy pace and it’s dystopian storyline. This debut is one not to be missed and if you haven’t read it, Read it now!

The Elites has so much going for it and I’m finding it hard to pick a starting point for this review. So I’m going to begin with the characters! Oh my!! *fangirls*. These brilliant characters really shined, every single one had a valuable part to play in the story. Each character came to life and although it was told in third person, our protagonist Silver was a great narrator to the story. 

Silver was a really genuine and real character that was normal yet so strong. I loved watching her grow throughout the book and she just developed so much as a character, which as a reader was a really special thing to watch. To me, Silver was the definition of a proper strong heroine. She isn’t your usual, I will break your bones type. In fact she was far from it. But she was strong in the sense that although she sure had vulnerabilities and self doubt, she eventually pulled through and had enough belief in herself and her morals that she made a difference! I really admired and respected her. We need more characters like her and less ‘I’m so cool you don’t want to mess with me’ girls.

But my favourite character was Butterfly! Words can not explain my love for that beautiful, winged human being. He certainly caused a flutter in my heart - did I just say that. Butterfly had to survive through so much and he didn’t put a mask on and pretend like he was fine, because I don’t know who would be after everything he’d endured. He was so sweet and loyal to Silver and always did what he believed was right. He wasn’t flawless and that just added to list of reasons he is now on my long list of Book Boyfriends. 

One of the things that stands out when reading The Elites is the uniqueness of it all. The whole government of Neo-Babel was really fascinating and even though it is a new and supposedly better society, there was still racism between different cultures which is something Silver being a Red, was a victim too. Whilst there was this racial tension, Neo-Babel felt really cultural and diverse and had a nice mix of everything. 

During the end I was even more hooked as all the different subplots came into play and all was revealed. The unexpected plot twists throughout this novel had my heart pounding and my jaw wide open in surprise. I just wanted to scream at certain characters and hug others. Everything tied nicely in the end and I felt really pleased with the conclusion and the message that it presented. The Elites has such an original theme and something I’d recommend to anyone. It’s something people have loved and I know will continue too. I will cherish my beautiful proof copy! Thank you Five Mile Press and Thank you Natasha for writing such a amazing book.

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  1. My sister stole this from me the moment it came through in the post, and has only just given it back. I must start it the moment I finish my current book - I've been looking forward to it for ages and have seen nothing but positive reviews! Glad you enjoyed it so much, and lovely review!

  2. Ahh!! You're so lucky to get a review copy! Do you know how jealous I am!

    Moving on, I've been reading some mixed reviews for this but I'm glad you liked it so much. People haven been seeming to either love or hate it without much in between. I'm glad that it's unique and the characters with strange names are interesting. Hopefully I get a chance to read it one day and be shocked by the twists XD

    Thanks for the great review!

    Bec @ Ransom Reads

  3. I just started this novel and it's pretty good but I'm pretty sure it'll pick up. Great review, I see you ended up giving it 4.5. Sorry I haven't been able to talk but I have no wifi and my credit on my phone expires.

  4. *fangirly babbles* *dances around room* THE ELITES!!! :D I loved this book so much. I'm so glad that you did, too! Nobody can not love Butterfly. He's near the top of my book boyfriends list ;) Also, the plot twists! Ah, they were all so good :3 Awesome review, Sunny!

  5. *FANGIRLY SQUEAL* THE ELITES!!! I loved this so much, and gave it 4.5 too :) All the plot twists and BUTTERFLY *swoon*... it was just amazing, right? Brilliant review, Sunny! :)

  6. I must say that, I need this book now! There's been so much hype and it's at the top of my book wishlist! Brilliant review as always

    By the way, just wanted to let you know that I set up a new blog as well! ---

  7. I have wanted to read this book ever since I saw all the great reviews about it, and this review has only heightened my need to read it! I have the book, but I haven't gotten a chance to make much headway through my TBR yet! The review was lovely, and I think we got a really nice sense of the characters. Again, so excited to read this now!

  8. Silver as a genuine character sounds great.

  9. THE ELITES! Ahh, I need to read this soon! It looks amazing. I'm so glad you liked it. Great review! :)

  10. Thanks for your lovely review, I received this for review too and really eager to read it. The characters sound great and I love how there's subplots going on in the background.

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  11. Thanks for the great review, I have this one to review as well and I love the sound of the characters and subplots going on in the background. Can't wait to read this one!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  12. I love that every character had a valuable part in the story instead of just being fluff...and that they were brilliant! This sounds amazing, I now really want to read it. Great review!


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