Interview, and Cover Reveal: Geek Girl Model Misfit

August 15, 2013

Hi Guys,
Today I am honoured to be having author Holly Smale over at the blog today to talk about the second instalment in the hilarious, funny and inspiring Geek Girl Series. We talk about all things Harriet and book 2, Geek Girl: Model Misfit which the cover has finally been revealed for. I loved Geek Girl to pieces and I honestly think it's a book that everyone should read. Enjoy :)

PS. Sadly I'm typing this on my phone and I'm about to rush off so I can't post the 10 reasons but just read Geek Girl it's such a good book.

Hi Holly or should I call you Twitter Mom *Passes special Geek Girl Cupcakes*.

Hello, Twitter daughter!! *takes cupcake* *and then another four*

As you know I'm a big fan of Geek Girl and I can't wait to see where things go in Model Misfit. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Geek Girl is essentially an updated version of the Ugly Duckling, but that poses the question: what happens at the end of the fairytale? That’s where Model Misfit comes in. Harriet’s relationship with Nick has just kicked off at the end of GG1, but it’s not as smooth and perfect as she hoped it would be: mainly because nothing ever is. Her new sibling is due any moment, and her summer holidays have been ruined. So she runs away.

Suffice to say, she gets herself into trouble. A lot of it. Again.

We all know it's going to be amazing but how are you feeling about the release day?

I’m actually a lot more nervous about GG2 than I was about GG1. For GG1, a lot of people had read it before it went anywhere: not just my publishers, but various people in the book industry. I had a lot of positive feedback before it even went to print. This time, it’s just my amazing editor and I. That’s quite frightening.

Even more importantly, for the first book I was an unknown debut so there were no expectations. This time round, I have readers waiting for the sequel. I am so incredibly desperate not to disappoint them, I lie awake in a cold sweat, some nights thinking: “what if everybody hates it”?

Which is very Harriet-y of me, ironically.  

We've really missed Harriet and her funny geeky self! Can you share with us your favourite things about her?

I love Harriet so much. She’s like my little, adorable sister. She’s such a good person: she can be prone to selfishness and self-absorption and tantrums and hissy fits and mistakes, but she really tries hard and that’s what makes her so loveable and so real. She always bounces back: she has an amazing ability to take things on the chin and then try and turn them into something positive. She’s brave, and she’s kind, and I think they’re two qualities that are incredibly valuable.

I also think she’s really funny, but mainly because she has no idea she is and takes herself so incredibly seriously.

Recently you've released the cover of Geek Girl: Model Misfit, and I think it's awesome. Are you pleased with the outcome?

I’m really happy with it. We all knew what we wanted and had to make sure it was perfect, so there was some to-ing and fro-ing. I was lucky enough to get a lot of say in it and work very closely with the designers. But they’re a talented bunch and did an amazing job. I’m thrilled with it. It’s perfect: fun, sassy and bold.
If you could describe your job in 3 words what would they be?

Creative, satisfying, solitary.

What was your modeling experience like? Was it anything like Harriet's?

Yes and no. I was spotted at the Clothes Show, just like Harriet, and I was optioned for Calvin Klein within 4 days of signing up with my agency (who are still the biggest agency in Europe). Unfortunately I didn’t get it, but I based the idea on what would have happened if I HAD: it does happen more than you think. I did do quite a few photo-shoots and fashion shows, though, so although I make the details up for a better story, I use my knowledge of what it’s really like.

Although I think Harriet’s a lot better at modeling than I ever was, to be honest. I wasn’t very good.

How would you convince someone to read your book?

Tie them to a chair and refuse to let them leave until they’ve read the first chapter. Once that’s achieved, if they don’t want to read any more then I haven’t done my job properly.

When thinking of the letter A what is the first word to spring to mind?

Armadillo. I think I watched too many Dime Bar adverts as a child.

Ok now lets play a game:
Step one: Think of a number between 1 and 10
Step Two: Now add 6 to the number you thought of
Step Three: Now add 3
Step Four: Now subtract the original number you thought of

Let me guess, your total is 11. Am I correct?

Ummmm - - - no. It was 9. Do I win?

Thank so much for being on the blog today! I'm a massive fan and I have already began the countdown for book 2. Any last words (don't worry I'm not killing you, hehe)?

Thank you for having me here!

And yes: are there any more cupcakes, please?

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  1. I can't wait to read Model Misfit! I've just started reading Geek Girl: From Geek to Chic and I'm already nearly finished! I loved it :) <3

  2. Fabulous interview, Sunny and Holly! I can't wait for the second book. And in the game you did, I got 9 too *high fives Holly* :D

  3. Great interview, Sunny :D Holly is such a sweetheart and her writing is phenomenal! Can't wait for Model Misfit, there's no way we'll be let down :)

  4. Great interview, Sunny and Holly! I love Geek Girl and am so excited for Model Misfit! And it's released a month before my birthday! Woo! Thanks for sharing with us, Sunny!

  5. Great interview, I didn't know there was going to be a sequel

  6. Holly Smale is AWESOME! Okay, that goes without saying but she is just so funny, kind and hilarious :') I freakin' loved Geek Girl so I can't wait for Model Misfit! The covers are so cute. It comes out around the same time I go back to school so it will help me feel less depressed! :D

    Thanks for sharing, Sunny. Great post as always!


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