2 Diva's Bookish Discussions (3): Ebooks VS Physical Copies

July 27, 2013

Introduction -
Hi, we're Francoise and Sunny and we have known each other since our nappy days. We're constantly having rants and raves about the latest books and bookish news. This is a fortnightly discussion that you can find on both of our blogs, so please make sure to stop by both blogs as our written content is different, although on the same topic. Our posts are not intended to offend anyone or anything but this is just our opinions and we would love it if you would share your thoughts in the comments. Enjoy!
So today's discussion is "Ebooks VS Physical Copies" and I am sure this is one all readers have thought about every once and a while. This discussion was inspired by Booktuber Christine Riccio's video "EBOOKS VS REAL BOOKS", whose videos are amaze balls and so spot on. As per usual, Francoise's views on this topic will be shared on her blog which you definitely need to check out. Please share your opinions through comment, twitter, whatever!!

So I'm going to start with the pros and cons of Ebook reading on any devices i.e. IPad, Kindle etc. I myself am not a huge fan of this because the only device I can read them on is my iPhone 4 which sucks for my eyesight so I tend to never use it for reading. Although I'm not a regular E-reader I can definitely see the pro's to the whole idea. 

PRO: Storage/Unlimited books - I think the best thing would be that you could have about 50 books on the one device and it would be lighter then carrying one book. It's easy and efficient and means that most of the time, your spoiled for choice. I mean maybe your going on a holiday and can't pick what book your going to read, so simply bring your Kindle or iPad and you don't need to choose. Problem Solved.
CON: Battery - Say your in the middle of a really intense scene and there is so much happening or maybe you just reached a big reveal in the story line and BAMM. Story no more!! Battery is out and you have to wait until it's reached full or further charge. I don't know about your E-Reader but I know that my mother's iPad takes about a gazillion years to charge and who wants to wait that long.
PRO: Lighting - Ok so maybe this isn't the first pro that springs to mind but I'm sure we have all experienced that late night meant to be asleep read and having to shine a bloody heavy torch is not the solution. But with the iPad (and possibly kindle, i'm not sure) *imitates salesperson* worry no more, as the screen is already a source of light which makes it a lot easier not to get caught reading at 12 am.
CON/PRO: Damage - I would imagine that just like any piece of technical equipment that when damaged the bill is not pretty. I mean if you damage your E-reader then its Auf Wiedersehen to not one but many books. So it's a lot easier to replace a real book rather then a $500 piece of equipment. But saying that it's also a pro because who likes to see our beautiful covers creased so with E-reading our book is perfectly in tact.
PRO: Notes and Netgalley - Having a E-Reader it means that you can request books from Netgalley. Whilst I don't really use it, it does have some pretty cool advanced copies up for grabs. Also it's easier to write notes about what your reading on the Notes app for iPad and it's all in the one place.
CON: $$ and Eyesight - The real reason I don't read Ebooks that often is that my eyes are quite sensitive and I end up getting headaches from hell. My eyes can hardly open and I fell like going to sleep. So it's not at all a pleasant experience for my eyes. Plus E-Readers cost a lot and I don't want to pay for a headache.
PRO: Easy Access - And to end with a pro I'd like to say that with a E-Reader you don't necessarily need to race of to the shops to purchase a book. You can download/buy them without getting out of bed and they are immediately ready for read and most times cheaper.
PRO: The feel, smell and COVER - Who doesn't love a good cover!!! Don't judge me but sometimes i'll happily stare and admire a pretty cover for ages and just feel proud that it's in my hands. C'mon, you'd be lying if you didn't say a good looking cover was a nudge in the right direction. The whole feel of it and smell of a new book is what happiness looks like (maybe not, but close).
CONS: $$$ - I don't know about you people on the other side of the world who get it way cheaper but books are expensive!! If I want to get a hardback it's almost $30 and I have to wait like a year and a Paperback is $15-20. But luckily today I spotted "Going Vintage" by Lindsey Leavitt for only $13. Money doesn't grow off trees!!
PRO: Display - I guess this ties in with the aesthetic aspects of it all but it's nice to proudly display your collection of books for others and yourself to look at. And it's easier to re-read.
CON: Uncomfortable - It's late and I want to read, but it's also cold and I just want to snuggle under the blankets with City of Ashes in hand (ie. exactly what happened last night). But I can't do it because it's so dang uncomfortable. I mean I can see one page but the other I have to look at sideways if I want to stay in the same position. And don't even talk to me about turning the pages where I have to get out of my cocoon. This most of the time results in me either giving up or shivering to death.
PRO: Infinite battery - With physical copies you could read for hours if their isn't interruptions and never have to worry about your battery running out.
CON: Damage - That life threatening moment when a book is dropped, creased or ripped.
PRO: That feeling - That feeling when you walk out with a new release and you start flaunting your book every opportunity. Oh yeah!

So to conclude I don't know what is the best choice as I guess that's up to you to decide. But because I'm a blind book obsessed girl my preferred reading experience includes a physical copy as that mini death I get after E-reading isn't nice. But all that aside I reckon 50/50 as they both have their flaws and conveniences. What do you think?

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  1. Haha great post, love the colours. And I also love the gif that made me crack up.

  2. I am a physical book girl all the way. I can appreciate the pros of a kindle and I do think they are pretty cool, but for me nothing can compare to an actual book. Great post!

  3. I do love my kindle to bits, but I think I like my physical books more! There are some books I can happily have on my kindle (mainly YA) but I love having all my childhood books (like Harry Potter) and my favourites in physical form. :D

  4. Great post! I'm buying my Mum a Kindle for her birthday so I'll have to try it out when it arrives. At first I wasn't sure about e-readers because I was worried they would steal the limelight from physical copies. But there seems to be enough room in the market for both. :)

  5. I always seem to choose Physical Copies over e-book copies. I own a Kindle, and love it, but when it's been sitting there out of battery for months, It's quite clear I prefer my paperbacks. It's everything that comes with walking out of the shop with a book in hand, the feeling of the pages, the certain smell a book has. Although, If I am in desperate need to read a certain book, I head for my Kindle. It's much cheaper to buy it on the Kindle Store and, when it's a 400 page hardback, a Kindle makes life a lot easier.

  6. Great discussion post! Even though e-readers have plenty of pros to them and really do beat physical copies for reasons like they can store loads of books and all while being lighter than just one physical book... Nothing will ever beat reading with a paper/hardback in hand. There's just something so magical about flicking through pages that you don't get with sliding your finger along a digital screen... I will read the occasional ebook on my iPad though. :)

  7. Ha! The reading in the blanket cocoon is SOO uncomfortable! It starts off well, but like you said, reading the other page is one hell of an eyeball exercise. It's so much easier to have an e-reader for that. I do love the convenience factor that comes with have an e-reader. Not only does it make reviewing books easier (I just highlight instead of making notes) but ALL THE BOOKS. It's amazing to have all the choice with you wherever you go. But OMG yes, the battery is a problem and a half. You won't belive the number of times my kindle has died on me...

    Great post!

  8. Although I can definitely see the many Pro's to having a Kindle and reading ebooks, I will always, without any doubt, be on Team Physical! (Okay, that sounded a bit pervy...hopefully you get my point though, haha!) I do own a Kindle, but haven't actually read an ebook on it for weeks now, because I have so many physical books still to be read.

    I HATE when I have to stop reading to find the charger for my Kindle. I remember being at the very end of Clockwork Angel, at a very intense scene, when the little 'Battery Empty' thingy popped up!!! I was dragged out of one of the most amazing books ever, and I was so angry I just wanted to stomp on my Kindle until it was in little pieces. I also don't like how my Kindle is in black and white, so the beautiful covers of books can not be fully admired! Sometimes I just want to go ahead and buy the more expensive real book anyway, just so I can proudly display it on my bookshelf.

    On the other hand, you are totally right about being all snuggled up in bed, nice and toasty, then needing to turn pages. My poor hand is all warm and tucked in, and having to tear it out from under the covers, into the cold night air, to turn a page is horrible! It is so easy just clicking the little button on the side of a Kindle to turn the page for you.

    Still, in the end I just think that the last Pro you made, about the glorious feeling you get when you walk out of a bookshelf, with a gorgeous-smelling, beautfifully new book clutched in your hands just knocks Kindles out of the competition for me!

    Thanks so much for sharing this brilliant discussion post with us, Sunny and Francoise. And sorry for rambling on a bit...sometimes when I start ranting I can't stop myself, haha! :D

    By the way, thanks so much for that seriously sweet comment you posted on my last review, Sunny. Although I don't what you're talking about, because your reviews are, without a doubt, at a higher standard than mine! :)x

    1. Just wanted to point out that Jessica makes the most epic comments ever!

    2. I second Jack's comment... JESSICA, YOU ARE AMAZING! <3

  9. Don't even say the word "ebooks" to me. I hate them. I can't focus when reading them, sometimes they're too bright, too dark. It's all so annoying! I don't read ebooks anymore at all. I just read my darling physical books, because I know they'll never let me down! Great post, divas!

  10. Amazing post, Francoise and Sunny! I love discussion posts :) Even though I LOVE my kindle so much, I prefer physical books. The smell, feel and the pretty cover at your fingertips is so booootifull :P

    There are so many pros to e-books. I got my new Kindle yesterday and it is great having an e-reader again. It doesn't hurt your eyes because of the screen! My eyes are quite sensitive too but Kindles are perfect because they're like reading a book. And you don't get a glare when reading in the light. I'd 100% recommend them! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I love Christine by the way! She is AWESOME!
    I don't really like ebooks, they hurt my eyes as well, and they are not as satisfying as actual books.
    I love the smell and feel of a book in your hand! Getting to stroke the cover and just look at it, having it displayed proudly on your book shelf.
    The only reason I use ebooks, is because of Netgalley or if there's a really cheap ebook that I want. I don't even own a kindle or a tablet, I use my mum's. Which she always steals off of me anyway. When I'm *right* at the exciting part.
    Great post Sunny! Love the designs :D

  12. Very interesting discussion Sunny! I definitely prefer physical books a lot more than e-books! I don't know why though :-p

  13. Fantastic post, Sunny! I agree, I love the feel of a physical book and I try to get all of my favorite books in a physical copy just because it feels so good! But I'm usually not picky at all, the books that I'm not dying to read I can get them in eBook or anything, and ahh they're both such amazing alternatives, and they're so equally balanced out! *wishes books weren't so tempting*

  14. I feel similarly, there are pros and cons to both and like you, I have really sensitive eyes so reading on a screen at night is painful for me, so I would have to read with the lights on anyway! :)


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