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April 15, 2013

As you can see I have been adding some new things to my blog, cleaning my sidebar, getting new graphics and things like that. For todays post I didn't really want to do a review, and recently I went to High Tea so I was kinda inspired to do this tag which I have seen on numerous blogs, but wanted to change it a bit. So instead of "Literary Dinner Party", I'm having a "Literary Tea Party" and here are my bookish guests.

One character who likes to cook: I had some difficulty with this one but in the end I decided to choose Ms Oliver, the Highton-Smith-Kennington-Jones (yes that's their last name) family cook from The Alice-Miranda Series. Whose cooking always sounds so good. 
One character who has money to fund the party: Hmm Edward Cullen, being a vampire money shouldn't be a problem, have you seen their house? Plus Edward is incredible, my first love <3 I just had to invite him.
One character who might cause a scene: Alaska Young because with her rebellious personality you never know what she might do next. She might even set the room on fire.
One character who is funny/amusing: Simon lewis from The Mortal Instruments because he is the ideal male friend and he is just so hilarious.
One character who is super social/popular: Olivia Abbott from My Sister The Vampire because with her bubbly character she could definitely be considered popular.
One villain: Drake from Michael Grant's Gone series because he is just so wicked and I feel for the people of the FAYZ who have to deal with him and his abusive ways.
One couple (doesn't have to be romantic): Augustus and Hazel from The Fault In Our Stars because this book is very close to my heart, It's my favourite and I love both of these characters. Augustus is the sweetest person ever and I just completely love him and I admire Hazel so much. They are perfect for each other.
One hero/heroine: Katniss Everdeen purely because of her strength and my admiration for her, I love the Hunger Games and for me she was one of the first heroine's I had seen in a while that wasn't vulnerable or weak.
One underappreaciated character: Hmm, I was going to say Rue from The Hunger Games, because she is just so smart and witty in the games. I love HG but I'm going to have to go with Liz from The Gallagher Girls. Because she is looked upon as weak and clumsy but really has a lot of skills.
One character of your own choosing: Henry from The Goddess Test, because long story short, I love him.

I'm sorry to all my other book boyfriends like Sam from Shiver and Jace from City of Bones who I didn't invite. I wish I could marry you all. What do you think? Who would you invite? Would you come to this party?


  1. I did this tag a few weeks ago and I would love to come to your Dinner Party. I could learn archery with Katniss. On that subject, have you seen the Catching Fire Teaser Trailer?

    And here's the link to my Dinner Party: http://a-day-dreamers-world.blogspot.co.uk/2013/03/literacy-dinner-party-tag.html

  2. Oh I chose Alaska Young too! I didn't know whether to pick her or Margo, but despite liking Margo more, I chose her in the end. Great post & those graphics are AMAZING! :D I'll add your blog button soonish! :P

  3. Hi, I added your button to my blog, thanks for adding mine to yours. :)

    The Mile Long Bookshelf

  4. I love the idea of a Literary Tea Party! It is a shame that they aren't real though... *sigh*

    Great choices! Hazel and Augustus are amazing and I would love to meet Katniss. Thanks for sharing, Sunny! I might do this tag on my blog, it seems like so much fun to think about.

  5. Hellooo:)
    I am sorry I haven't commented on your blog in a while...
    Anyway, i just wanted to pop by and say I am going to put your button on my blog, and if you wouldn't mind putting mine on yours? xxx
    E xox

  6. Hey I have added your button to my blog - thanks for adding mine! xox

  7. Katniss would make it to my list, too. I love her! Simon Lewis definitely is hilarious. His character always put a smile on my face. And I need to meet Augustus and Hazel soon! I hear nothing but good things about that book. Great picks. :)


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