DISCUSSION: The Fault In Our Stars/Upcoming Movie

March 25, 2013

Dear John Green, why did you do this to me. SERIOUSLY. Is it not bad enough that when I read it I went through emotional trauma and couldn't breathe because it was just so amazing and sad. But no, it's 2 months later and it's captured my brain and pushed out all rationality and now, ahhhhhh. See it really has taken over my brain because I had a whole post planned tomorrow but now my fingers have started typing this. WHY WHY WHY WHY!!!!

I hate you John Green, why did you do this to me, Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love you John Green

*Takes a good 2 hours to calm self*

Ok I'm sorry, I kind of lost it back there. But it's not my fault, it's The Fault In Our Stars. Now let's discuss The Fault In Our Stars movie. First off, let me start by saying the I am very protective over this breathtaking novel, so as you can assume I am incredibly nervous about this movie. Because things could go oh so wrong or it could be the best movie ever.

  • This could be a great opportunity to gain new fans because people could be so wowed by the movie that wether they read or not, they will read it and discover the magic that is John Green.
  • It could live up to my high expectations and be the best movie ever!!!
  • I just don't think that it could be as unbelievably as amazing the book is and it might make people never want to read it.
  • It just feels personal.
  • Or it could get this reaction: 

I'm trying to have faith and trust in the directors but since this book has pretty much taken over my whole entire life, I am to obsessed to stop worrying that it won't be a success or Augustus wont be good-looking......

I'm sorry, I'm talking like a crazy person with nothing to do in my life. But I am actually excited for this movie.

On a higher note the role of Hazel has been cast... (drum roll please) Shailene Woodley. I think that if John Green believes that she will to justice to Hazel then it was the right choice. And knowing that she has read the book and experienced that whirlwind of emotions, makes her somewhat more deserving. Is that wrong? Shailene has been cast in some pretty amazing roles, Tris in Divergent and Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider Man 2.

Shailene Woodley
John Green on Shailene as Hazel:

“I am absolutely thrilled that Shailene will be playing Hazel in The Fault in Our Stars,” John Green says. “It means a lot to me that she is a fan of the book, and I know from our conversations that she has a profound understanding of Hazel. Watching her audition, I felt like Hazel Grace Lancaster was talking to me. It was eerie–and very exciting.” 

What are your feelings on Shailene as Hazel, who are your Augustus preferences? Are you excited about this movie and am I being a freak. Haha. Well I'm off to re-read The Fault In Our Stars. Btw did you notice my use of GIFS, I thought i needed some to express my emotions in this post, haha :D

*My The Fault in Our Stars Review*


  1. YESYESYES!!!!! Ahhh, I agree with everything you said! John Green, why do you give us these emotions?!?! >.<
    I have mixed feelings on TFiOS film too. I guess the only way to find out for sure is to actually see the film... which will probably take ages. *sigh*
    Love the gifs by the way! :)

  2. OMG, HECK YES! Finally someone made a post about this. I apologize for the rambling, in advance. Okay, so I'm totally going to die if the movie doesn't depict how amazing the book was! HONESTLY. IT. WAS. THE. BEST. BOOK. I. HAVE EVER. READ. THEREFORE, THE MOVIE MUST BE THE BEST MOVIE I HAVE EVER WATCHED, got it movie producers/directors?! I'm actually really happy with cast picks so far... <3

    ~Demitra @ Characterized Book Reviews
    -New Follower! I love your blog <3

  3. Oh my gosh omg omg omg omg!! I didn't know that they were making TFIOS a movie! i totally freaked out when I saw this!!!!! I am soo excited and also sort of nervous for it too!

  4. The main problem I have with the movie is that I'll most probably want to go to the cinema to watch it and will end up crying in public. I'm really excited about it though, although I know it will never be the same as reading the book. Glad you're so enthusiastic about it. :)

  5. OH MY FREAKING GAWD YES! I completely agree! xD I have such mixed feelings about this... And Shailene Woodley is also playing Tris in the Divergent movie... I think she's great for both roles in different ways, but I'll only be able to picture her as one... If you know what I mean :D The way I can picture Emma Watson as no one but Hermione! :/

  6. This is all just so so so so so true!! And my God, if they do the movie right, we're all going to be in tears! Everyone leaving the cinema will be emotional wrecks with red eyes!!
    And love the use of the gifs! I've started using them to express some of my more fangirlish feels! :D
    Thanks for the follow - I love your blog: new follower! Happy reading - and enjoy City of Bones: it's one of my favourite series ever! :D


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