A Sunny Spot Blog One Year Blogaversary

January 3, 2013

YAY, We did it guys! Today I am happy to write to you on my very 1st blogaversary. Celebrating the one year anniversary of A Sunny Spot Blog! I am very happy because this time last year I was basically a bookworm with a lot to say who was eager yet clueless to start a blog. Here I am with 49 lovely followers and 113 posts, and I personally think my posts have improved since I first began and my audience has grown wider (at least I hope so). 

Since starting A Sunny Spot a year ago I have had wonderful and interesting conversations and recommendations from blogger's all over the world. I've also been fortunate enough to discover wonderful books and even interview some incredibly talented Authors too. 

I have finally found a place where reading is applauded and the world one gets transported to whilst reading a book is passionately shared through reviews. I personally think for a some like me who always has their head stuck in a book, it's awesome to share with people who are just like you and hopefully a long the way your experiences will help others find the perfect book.

My Blogaversary has come at quite a rush leaving me with no time to plan a fabulous give-away or a collection of interviews. But I have a lot to say and a lot of thanks to give, which initially inspired me to start a blog all that way back in year 4. I will be also be posting a review on The Fault in Our Stars as part of a blogaversary post. So sorry it's not an extravaganza and please warned this maybe a long post with bits and pieces of everything from reviews, news and just the ramblings of an almost quite-nearly teen.

Blog Stats since my 1st post: Inspired by A Reading Daydreamers Blogaversary Post

  • Followers: 49
  • Posts: 113
  • Page views: 12,398
  • 3 Most Page views by Country: Australia, The US and UK
  • Comments Published: 181
Blogging Goals for the future:
  • To gain at least 30 more followers this year
  • To run a give-away
  • To give my blog a dazzling makeover
  • Take part in a blog tour
  • Do lots of interviews
  • Review a book sent from a publisher
Like my new header especially for the new year and my Blogaversary:


Some exciting news ... soon I will be posting a interview with the very talented Author of The Look and Threads Series, Sophia Bennett.

Recently I read another amazing book called Gone by Michael Grant. Initially this book was recommended to me by a friend but the thought later being forgotten. So when my sister got it for Xmas and loved it, I knew it had to become one of my summer reads and I'm so glad it did. It's on my list of books to review but here's a little sweet opinion from yours truly. "Gone is a book that's keeps you guessing and leaves you wanting more. A thriller about a world turned tragically wrong".

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Next there is Songs in the Studio formerly known as Gabriella Umbrella, a blog written by Gabriella a aspiring performer. Please help her out and press that heavenly follow button. Thanks, be sure to stop by. :)


  1. Congrats on your 1st year blog-iversary! Many happy returns! xx

  2. Wish you a very happy blogaversary my is on the fourth of July.

  3. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! I can't believe I haven't seen your blog for a whole year until now! But Happy Blogoversary! May I get to know you and your blog more. :)

    Delaney @ "http://therandomranterer.blogspot.com/"

  4. I'm sure you'll complete all of those goals! I was so proud when I got my first book sent from a publisher! It was Breathe by Sarah Crossan, and it was sent by Bloomsbury! YAY!


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