EJ12 Girl Hero Kimono Code Comp: WINNER!!!!!!!!!

May 22, 2012

Hi!! Sorry there haven't been any new posts for a while! I have been so busy with Naplan! But I have some great news. I just received an email from the EJ12 Girl Hero Team that brought me to joy! 

A couple of weeks ago, there was a chance to name the snow monkey in the 14th EJ12 called Kimono Code! Which is being released in August! I entered with the name "Sakura" meaning Cherry Blossom in Japanese. Which are one of the many beautiful things in Japan! We were also told from Susannah's writing diaries that Cherry Blossom's would very much be involved in this story! 

Today I was happy to find a letter saying that I won! That my name would be published in the book and i would get an early signed copy!!!!!!!!!! 6 others also suggested that name and will also be receiving the same prize. Great minds think a like!

I am so happy and grateful! Thank you Susannah!

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