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    About Tender Rage

    A new kind of storytelling that empowers, illuminates, and amplifies. Tender Rage is your new favourite all-inclusive pop culture, intersectional, and coming-of-age podcast. It’s a show for the outrageously audacious, the loudly passionate, and the slightly delusional. Through a combination of solo and guest episodes, host Sunny Adcock unpacks the combustible anger and luminous joy that defines our experience as twenty-somethings navigating contemporary society, driven by a commitment to nuance, self-development, curiosity, and most of all love. It’s that feeling you get when you offload your passions to a warm friend across the table. When you finally unscramble your most tangled ruminations. When you let someone see your darkest shadow. We’re addicted to that feeling. A rendezvous of the soft, silly, and serious, the podcast for anyone with ordinary courage. So brew a cuppa and have a listen as Sunny Adcock keeps the rage tender.

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